Monday, April 25, 2011

Soggy Monday

This picture was taken last night, though, as Keith played with Gertie Lou out in the yard!  Look how nicely everything is greening up, and our neighbor's back five look like a park!
I had a short video of Keith, Abby and Gertie running, but  it won't load, I'm afraid.

Easter Sunday was a revolving door.  Before church I did chores, then changed, went to church, and something told me to check again on the six little chicks in the nursing cage.  I went in the big henhouse, and all electricity was off! When I tried the main, there was a poof of smoke, so I stopped that.  I had the Welsummers and Rocks on the floor, and the six tiny chicks were huddled together in the 45 degree temps. 

We moved them into one of the tubs in the shop.  I was going to divide the Bantam Horde, but simply put them in the bigger tub. (the one the Welsummer Crew vacated).  I put the tiny chicks in the bantie trough, and pulled the light down over them well.

Last night, I moved the Welsummers/Rocks to the little henhouse, and yes, it was with trepidation.  Lo and behold, they are getting along very well in there.  It will be some time before they get their courage up to go outside, so that's fine with me.  They have a dish of grower, and they have access to a lot more food. 

I'll take pictures tomorrow and post them.
I'll get some of the garden, too.  We have been working on the flower beds, and Keith has been making more vegetable beds.  Peas, potatoes, spinach, lettuce and peas are all up and growing!  Spring is truly here!


  1. Sounds like truoble in the henhouse, Mary Ann! So glad they didn't get too cold!

  2. You my friend sound like the Energizer Bunny. Keep 'em warm!


  3. Glad things worked out good for the chicks. Cute pic of Nathan. Went to church Saturday evening. Went to Cheesecake Factory for breakfast. Sent you an e-mail tonight.


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