Friday, April 15, 2011

A Wet Friday

Here is what met me at the gate this morning as I was leaving:  
God's Cleanup Crew were taking care of a dead possum in our road the last two days.  There is nothing left of him now.  These birds fascinate me, instead of scaring me... they provide a very needed service to us, and are amazing to watch as they swoop and swirl in the air.  They waited patiently for me to leave.
On the way home, I saw these laying in the rain in the field down the road from us:

They were at the farm of the pond man, who tried to put our pond in for us last week.
And when I got here on the cold, wet evening, I saw this:
Aztec is back behind his mom and dad.  I hope they aren't telling us that we are going to have a late April snow!  They have not used the barn since really cold weather. It's in the low 40's right now, we have had crazy temperature fluctuations this week.

Linking to Farm Friend Friday and Farmgirl Friday at Verde Farm. If you haven't hopped over to Verde Farm to enjoy this on Fridays, you will be surprised at the number of folks just like us who are having fun in the country, and raising and preserving their own food, and enjoying their own animals.  Come on over and take a look and be amused and amazed!


  1. Hi- came from the Farm Friend Friday.. and you also visited my blog
    Like you I have a hard time getting my Honey to recycle...but he's coming around.
    I'm off to read your boring chicken post... funny title...
    Nice to meet you...thanks for dropping by.

  2. We've had a couple of really cold, wet windy days as well. I really liked the sunny warm weather better! My llama even came up and went in the barn too.

  3. Hi, followed you over from Farm Friend Friday...I came out of our barn the other day and spotted 6 vultures sweeping over our pasture. It was a beautiful sight. I knew what they were looking for but they seemed to be having a hard time finding it. A racoon had got stuck and died in our fence, right below a huge pine tree. He's been there a couple days now, I should really get him out of there and put him somewhere where they can find him.


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