Friday, April 1, 2011

Farm Friend Friday

More random pictures from the week...
Tony "You talkin' to ME?" Lllama, tonight.  Notice SUN in background, first time in a week!

The Silkie Rooster that came with the "pullets" from a friend.

An "ahem" BRAHMA rooster that came with the "pullets" from same friend

Two Views of Ratchett, showing his "Elvis Has Left the Building" Topknot!
And lastly, lest you think this has turned into a chicken blog solely,

Note new Weber Grill and the grass greening up!
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  1. Tony Llama? .....Good name for an Actor!..
    Everything looks hunky dory!

  2. Well now the Weber Grill is handsome as is the guy in the red shirt, but it doesn't have the personality of Tony Llama and those roosters. Sometimes a farm is all about the animals, right? Hope that you're having a relaxing weekend and may the sun keep right on shining.

  3. You have some really interesting chickens. Very nice. Love the green and grillin' photo also. Cheers!


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