Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Short Sunday

Seemed short, anyway.  We actually slept late... I woke up at 7:20, which is unheard of! 

The weather held decently all day, but we are expecting rain this week.  I finished cutting the yard, but did not get the trimming done.  I usually (WE usually) have to push mow the tight spots and then Keith weed-eats the rest.  We didn't get any push-mowing done, and now Keith will be gone for the next four days to Ulysses, on the far west side of Kansas.

I saw this while cutting grass.  If you look closely, you'll see the bee working in the middle.  Be sure to click on it to enlarge it.

These blossoms are on one of our two dwarf apple trees planted last fall.  We also planted two pear trees, and they bloomed in the last week, too. We're so glad they have taken root so well, but Keith carried booster to them and watered them very well.
We are putting in more trees this year, too.  Yes, they are a pain to cut around, but I love them.

I ranted last night about bloggers who leave word verification on, and guess what, people I'M ONE OF THEM!  Thank you for pointing it out to me.... those of you who did.  It is now turned off so that when you are trying to catch up on your blogs, you won't have to sit here an extra minute while your satellite service in the middle of nowhere brings up the word verification.  My apologies to all of you.  You can go into your dashboard settings and turn it off, it's about halfway down the page, and you simply disable word verification, for those of you who want to do it. 

Here at the beginning of another week... Holy Week, too.... are Gertie and Abby, investigating the dead snake that still lays on the ground near the big henhouse, as I can't bear to fool with it right now.  I don't mind them alive, but YUCK.  I ran over a full grown garter snake today while mowing,  and I am SO sorry as snakes are our friends.  Gertie is not so sure about this dead snake, but Abs was VERY interested.

A last note...

Vee, at A Haven for Vee, has been writing lately about problems with Blogger, and has a poll going at her site.  I wish any of you having problems would go there and answer her poll.  Also... Vee, if you read this post... I tried to upload literally a ten-second video tonight of Abby and Gertie twice... the second time for at least 40 minutes... it never loaded.  This is so frustrating, as I have had many videos that would have amused people.  Another night, a ten second video will load in a few minutes, so this problem comes and goes.  It's very aggravating!


  1. I saw the bee. Love the honey they make. Love, Mary G.

  2. Ah bees! We have yet to see any here but soon I reckon!

  3. Aren't bees wonderful. Funny rear end shot of the dog. lol

  4. Funny picture of the pooches looking! lol. Pug bums. I haven't had any problems with blogger recently, hope whatever it is it's sorted out soon because there is nothing worse.

  5. What a busy day! I hate when I get a snake or frog when I'm mowing. The tree is just lovely right now. My apple trees aren't quite there yet.

  6. I've done so much yard work that I can hardly move.

    We are suppose to get some rain tonight again.


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