Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Sunny Sunday

Didn't quite get to the blog last night... I got a call Friday evening from my son Jim to see if I could watch his two youngest (my youngest grands) kids, Paiton and Jax, so he and Amy could go out for a while in the evening on Saturday.  The thing I like most about Jim and Amy is that they enjoy simple pleasures... they bowl regularly, and go to the Moose Lodge to relax with friends, and Amy loves bunco.  Nothing fancy, just regular - everyday- people fun things to do with their family.  Oldest son Jacob is involved in sports, as is Madison, but the two little ones are just still being kids.

I hurried during the day to finish the Saturday errands, and in the afternoon, Mr. Calovich came to seal up the pasture again.

He was very, very fair with us on the cost that he incurred, and we are grateful for that.
We will be buying seed this week, and starting the re-seeding of the pasture area that was disturbed.
Then it was on to Jim's, for the evening.

Jax at three is a typical little boy.  He will be four in October and 
is the only grand who likes animals like I do!  There will be a pony again at Calamity Acres in a couple of years because of this little blond boy.

Paiton is a girly-girl, but also very strong-willed.  She stayed up to wait for her parents, despite Grandma's finally having to put her in her bed at ten-thirty PM in hopes that she would drift off!
We had fun watching Yo Gabba Gabba!, Blues Clues, and other shows on Nick Jr., singing along with the characters.  I also got to meet Woody and Buzz, their guinea pig pets that they got a few weeks ago, and who have a big cage in Jacob's room.  Buzz talks to you when you pet him, he's very nice!
Up early this morning to go to church, and now home to clean this house that has been sorely neglected the last few weeks.
The flower garden is looking wonderful:

See that Big Old Dandelion in the middle????  It's being dug out this afternoon, along with all it's buddies!

I thought it was funny that the llamas were so unfazed by the pasture work that Aztec stopped for a spin at the Mom Milk Bar in the middle of the earthmoving.  I finally had to lock them in the corral, as they were so interested in everything going on they were in the way!


  1. The grandkids are adorable! Llamas are funny the way they want to check things out and supervise and let you know exactly what they think of things.

  2. Cool new look you have here!
    The little ones are adorable!
    The simple things in life bring me the biggest pleasure!

    Have a great evening!


  3. The llama's sound like my noisy horses.

  4. So sorry the pond didn't work out, Mary Ann...
    your grandkids are adorable!

  5. I love your blog! My heart ached for you when you didn't get your pond, but you are right, God has a plan.
    ps: your grands are beautiful


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