Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Satisfying Saturday

Today, the temps got to 80 degrees here in Tonganoxie, a far cry from last Saturday when we had to bundle up to go to the Home Show, and then walked around in biting wind and blowing snow.

Monday we had an inch of snow, which quickly melted.

Today, the sun shone all day.  We expect rain tomorrow, but for one beautiful day, it was all right. 

Keith decided to start digging the post holes for the new henhouse.  He went out and began to dig, and our neighbor, Mr. Spehar, of the Big Ponds at the Bottom of the Pasture, drove his Bobcat by, he was loaning it to someone for some work around the corner from us.  He stopped to ask Keith what he was doing, and when he found out Keith was digging the post holes, he told him to stop, that he would come back this afternoon and do it for him with the auger.

So, at 2, this is what happened:
Within ten minutes, the holes were dug, which would have taken Keith hours.

So, we are a huge step towards a new home for these:

Remember, these are a mix of bantams and Welsummer pullets and Partridge Rock pullets.  However, I SEE A COCKEREL in there, do you? Bantams are almost always sold straight run.  I knew I would have a few, but so far, he is the only one I have seen out of the 22! I suspect it's a mille fleur, but we'll see soon. 

Here is some rock cress blooming in the garden... it was a brilliant purple in the sun!  I am going to spend some time tomorrow cleaning up the beds, and transplanting some flowers out of a bed in the middle of the yard that we are dismantling. 

I found this in the henhouse this evening!  The first of the chicks under the three mamas have hatched... at least three that I saw.  There were 17-20 eggs under the three.  These are the chicks meant for a friend who moved to a farm, so will go at midsummer.
Sadly, I also found this:

Every year we lose a few, but it's sad to see a perfectly formed chick that doesn't last a day.  Sometimes the big birds get them, and sometimes there is just something wrong with them, and they don't make it This little one was perfect, but just didn't make it. 
We do expect some rain tomorrow, but I have promised Keith I'll get those flowers moved since I went to church this afternoon... so I have my work cut out for me!  Of course, we're moving the dirt from the bed into the big garden beds, so it won't be wasted.
We also found a source of cut grass from a gentleman who bags his, and told me tonight that I could have any that I saw in front of his house.  Yippee!


  1. Sounds like you two were busy today. What a great neighbor you have to help with the
    digging--super timesaver.


  2. Wow - you really are getting the work done! The chicks are getting big. I had to move mine out of the garage, into the barn yesterday. I miss having them closer.

  3. Now that's a way to dig holes! We need one of those.


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