Monday, April 18, 2011

A Big Snake

Why do they never look as big on camera as they do in life?  This guy was big around, though not long... and if you notice... he has a film over both eyes.  I am going to have to study this.  Snakes have a third eyelid, I know, but this snake actually looked blind.  He greeted me tonight as I walked into the big henhouse, so thank heavens the light was on!  The three tiny chicks were safe, and I have sealed their cage up even better tonight, so that they will remain safe.  I lifted him up with the plastic pitchfork (so handy for moving straw around.... and big snakes) but we have talked about buying a snake catcher, as we like to just move them out of the way.  If he hadn't kept coiling, I would have gone about my business.  Here he is outside, where I had just set him down in the porch area.

Yesterday we moved the rabbit hutch out of the henhouse, and out into the henyard.  Keith got the drawers out of it, and we found scores of mice in them, including probably 30 pinkies or just over pinkie stage.  The bantams had a hay day, sad to say.  (or good to say for them).  My intention was to put four of the bigger of the chicks I bought six weeks ago into it, but now the weather has turned chilly again, so they are still in their water tank in the workshop for a few days.  I have not seen any snakes in there yet, but we found many huge snake skins in there last fall.  Here is one of the vultures roosters picking through the pile that contained the pinkies.

And finally, Miss Lilly Ann came to protect her mama from the big ole' snake:


  1. Hi Mary! What a greeting, I am sure your little chicks were so glad you came when you did!

    My husband has a pet snake, it is an itty bitty 12ft long albino bermise python. I am not a snake lover, sorry, but I just can't go there!
    But from the little I know when DH's snake sheds if they are't adequately hydrated sometimes the shed does not come completely off their eyes and will get stuck and the snake will appear to have the film. They have bad eyesite anyway and the old skin will make it even worse for them. I will send you a pic in email of DH and his baby girl. Marla

  2. Yup, I think MountainBlessings is right and the film over the snake's eyes is an unfinished shedding. Too bad you can't train reptiles just to eat rodents and leave the chicks alone...

  3. Can't deal with snakes, Mary Ann. They make me shudder. When Chris was 12 years old, we took him to the St. Louis Zoo. He went into the snake house all by himself. His Dad and I did not venture in. Mary G.

  4. Those chickens do like a nice snack of mouse! Glad you got the snake out before it got a chick.

  5. Now I have the heebie jeebies. You must be learning how to live with it. I mean, you either get used to it or don't go outside - right?

  6. I've had a snake in my chicken coop too! Scared the daylights out of me! I never heard baby mice called pinkies. My chickens have made meals of them twice this spring. They should know better than to nest in a chicken run. I have moved items in the run and found the nests. THEN the chickens find the babies! I happened to have my camera with me when I discovered the last batch!


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