Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Websites

Lately as I surf the web, I've been trying to keep track of some useful websites.  There are some obvious ones, and ones that many will recognize.  I am trying to keep track of them so that some day I can put a page of links on this website for people to use as references. 

I'm going to get maudlin here for a minute, and say that I blog-hopped last night until midnight and I enjoyed so much reading about everyone else's animals and gardens and farms and travails.  I miss horseback riding, and I saw several blogs where even the kids were riding and happy with their ponies and horses.  It was something I was never really able to give my kids when they were little, so it makes me feel good to know people are still doing it for theirs.  How I envy them!

Right now, it is not ecomonically feasible nor do we have time for another pony or small horse here.  (I miss Beau the Pony).  Maybe at retirement, which is growing ever closer.

Here are some of the links:

Most of the goat people know this one:       Fias Co Farm has a huge website, now closed, written by a very knowledgeable goat person.   A Family blog that I think many would enjoy.  Kelly Morris has written a free 46 page cookbook called "Just Get 'Em Fed" (Simple Whole Food Meals for your Family)  that is available at the website as a PDF, full of good meal menus.   
These two have advertisements, but also some very good articles:

And here's one I bet you aren't aware of:

This is the National Sustainable Agricultural Service.  Oh, my, do they have downloadable literature on everything from planning your farm business, to forms, to how-tos, to horticulture and crop information.  It's a great resource. 

Here are the Plymouth Rocks and Welsummers getting acquainted in the feed room today.  However, I am going to have to move them to the little henhouse, I think, as they all jammed into a hole in the wall, and didn't come out to eat or drink after mid-morning.  They were so hungry and thirsty tonight when I went out and put down their old waterer, that I think I may have to move them again.  I am afraid a snake will roll out of one of those wall holes and get them, OR they will actually be able to get outside, and straight into Lilly's mouth.  As Keith said (several times today).... I should have thought of infrastructure FIRST, and he's right. 

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