Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Short Night

Storming out there tonight at Calamity Acres, not a strong storm, though the wind came up.  A gentle Spring storm, and we needed the water very much. 

We did chores together tonight, Keith and I, mostly so we could talk.  Next week he will be gone to a training far from here, on the Colorado border.  Tonight he carried water for me, and asked me how I would do it next week, with my bad back.  When he isn't here, I only fill the buckets a little, and make more trips.  It takes longer, but it gets the job done.  There is lots of lightening out there, so I am going to make this brief, and then get to bed early with the little girls.  (pugs!)

Here is Keith collecting our eggs from the ceiling tiles:

I got lovely eggs from the big henhouse, both large and small.  I found a beautiful egg from my Polish girl Buffy in the nest box, but when I picked it up, I realized it had been broken.  I think the two red girls are eating eggs daily, I am not finding their own anymore.  I am going to have to clean the nest box out, as it is smelly from the cracked eggs. 
Here's is today's haul:

Large and small, we love them all!


  1. Me too, Mary Ann~ I'm not picky about the size... and egg is an egg and they're all yummy!

  2. I'm going to have a major egg cooking soon. I've let mine pile up and need to make something out of them.

  3. This is soo neat. I love that you have chickens and your own eggs. Perfect for springtime and Easter!


  4. Don't understand Chickens and probably never will. Glad you have an abundance of eggs. Mary G.


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