Friday, April 8, 2011

A Big Disappointment, but Life

Today the pond man finally came, and we were very excited that we were finally on the way to getting our pond begun.  His son came with him, with a smaller caterpiller, to help shape the ground. 

A short while after they started, they called Keith.

Here is what the pasture looks like:

A nice bowl was taking shape.

And the pasture above it was being contoured.

Until they hit this.

Yes, it's limestone shale.  It's deep and wide.  It's the reason, we know now, that the little four foot deep pond that the geese and ducks used always seeped at the east side.  Mr. Calovich explained that the amount of limestone in the soil meant that in order to make a real pond, he would have to break through the ridge running under the pasture, and then bring in enough soil to make a good dam.  Hundreds, and hundreds of dollars over the pond estimate.  He said even then he did not think the soil would hold the water right.
We have decided that tomorrow, the two gentleman will put the dirt back, try to make it as "normal" as possible, and then we will reseed the area for the llamas. 

No pond for the llamas to wade into during the hot summers, and even more importantly, no pond for geese and ducks to come home to here.  We have tried sinking a pre-formed pond for call ducks, and had to bail it out once a week, a nasty job.  With my back the way it is, that won't happen in the future.  I had always had a dream to have a pond with the stately geese swimming on it, and frogs singing on it's edges. 

Keith has said we will have a pond in the garden one day, fenced to keep the dogs from tearing the liner, so frogs will live here again.  In the meantime, we can hear them sing from our neighbor's big ponds so close, yet so far from us down the hill. 

We think maybe God has a plan, and we don't know what it is, for this dream to go away.  Maybe that money earmarked for the pond is meant to be used in some other way.  For now, it will stay in the bank, after we pay Mr. Calovich for the work he did. 
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  1. Ohhhhh that is disappointing. I believe with you that God has a plan. Still. Well shoot. Words fail.

  2. Oh Mary Ann, I am so sorry. I can totally understand how disappointing this was. You get your heart set on something and you get so excited it’s finally going to happen and then boom---something goes wrong. I am sure there is a plan and I just know you will get your frogs back soon!

  3. Oh my. That had to have been disappointing. I am sorry. I totally understand your dream. I miss a mountain, running creek with the sound of water gurgling over the rocks but there's no such critter here! My dear hubby got me an electric fountain and I can listen to it on the porch. I sure hope that you can have your pond one of these days!

  4. What a shame that the pond won't happen. I'm so glad you have such a positive attitude. I'm certain it will all unfold just as it is intended.

  5. How disappointing, but perhaps a better spot will show itself.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  6. That has got to be so disappointing! But you're right there must be other plans in store.

    Thanks for visiting.

  7. Sorry the pond didn't work out. I know this must be disappointing. Mary G.

  8. Oh darn that is disappointing. Sorry to hear it.

  9. Sorry about that. We don't have a pond. I figure in the long run that they are a lot of trouble sometimes.


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