Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tonight, Tuesday

Lots of things are blooming at Calamity Acres now.  Some of my favorites are the tulips, and several varieties opened today. 
The purples are looking good, too...
You notice I have not cut grass yet... Keith did fire up the John Deere last night.  It was serviced several months ago and is ready to go.  The pugs are having to surf through the grass at present, so I need to cut in the next few days.  I know it's crazy, but traditionally, I have cut grass the first time after church and dinner on Easter.  It's kind of like a tradition for me.  This year Easter is awfully late!

The peas are lookin' good

And the potatos beautiful!

Keith has been watching their beds daily for sight of them, so was glad to see this.

This is something I saw in the big henhouse tonight:

All God's creatures gotta drink!

He was on the feed room side, where Butch, Reddy, Angel and Eagle live. 
I'll be so glad when those three girls and Butch get to go out into the new henyard. 
And lastly, I threw two more eggs out of the little henhouse tonight. Silka was hunkered down over most of the remaining eggs.

Enlargen this picture by clicking on it to see the look of disgust in her eyes at the two young mamas, seen below leading their two lone chicks around the henhouse.


  1. Did you know, hens will kick out any eggs that will not hatch?...Its a built in thing. And that some hens will attack and eat another`s young? But things look good on the CA farm today!

  2. LOL...my hens would be trying to eat that mouse.

  3. We don't have any tulips blooming yet but I'm ready. Yeah, mice have to drink water too, we have probably more than I know of 'em in my barn.


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