Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Great Mother's Day

People, sometimes life intervenes, but we are back.

It was a hot, wonderful Mother's Day here in Tonganoxie.  Temps got up to 92, and though it was supposedly only 50 percent humidity, we can attest it felt like MUCH more.  Yes, the air is on, and yes, the dogs were in most of the day, particularly the pugs, who suffer so in the heat.  Our old man, Ranger, is also bothered by it now.  He likes to go out and check the yard out in the morning, and then come back in when we leave for work, settle on his pad, and go to sleep for the day.

This weekend was the second year of the Kansas Sampler Festival, held last year and this in Leavenworth, Kansas, on the outskirts of the grounds of the Eisenhower Veterans Administration beautiful grounds.  After church early this morning, and a visit from Son Jim and his family, Keith and I went to Grass Pad to get some more dirt for the garden beds, and some perennials and other things.  An observation we made... the big nursery is not stocking as much as last year, and the plants are not as nice.  I picked up a gallon coreopsis as we went in to pay with our tray cart, and when we got to the checkout, realized it had a virus.  I paid for it, (they kept it) and I found a good one on the way out.  We noticed their trees are not as nice for sure, and bushes likewise.  All geraniums we saw were very expensive, so I have planted lilliput zinnia seeds in the planters on the porch for this year. 

When we got back, I decided to take myself to the Kansas Sampler Festival for my own Mother's Day treat, while Keith worked on more garden beds. 
Off I went, in my church dress and comfortable shoes, parking in a convenient store parking lot and riding the shuttle bus over.  Thank heavens I thought to grab a visor when leaving!
Here is what met me at the gate:

There were tents for all the different regions of our state... and I learned so much while going through the tents.
I bought honey from a nice lady from Hillside Honey in Easton, which is here in our own county of Leavenworth... I was unaware of them, but their honey is wonderful and I would love to learn about bees.

There were beautiful quilts... this one from Muscotah, Kansas, north of Atchison.  It is close enough to drive for a day trip, and in June they have a Rose Festival.  I bought a chance on the lovely quilt, and am going to drive up to see the roses.
There was artwork, indeed, an entire tent of it, incuding drawings for some lovely oils.  I bought note cards from a very talented pastel artist... I'll try to take a picture of one this week, I am going to buy some more of her cards and frame them, they are so nice. 
What would a festival be without food?

There was everything from Highland beef sandwiches, to kettle corn, to bierocks, to lemon drinks and on and on.  I had some homemade ice cream in the hot sun.
 What would a Kansas Festival be without a buffalo or two?

This little guy was a cutie, but don't know what he was doing in Kansas!

There were performers both days.
These ladies were very talented.
Lots of things for kids to do... it was a good afternoon for a stroll around Kansas.
Home to chores, watering, and planting some more flowers.
It's 10 now, and after a hot shower, I'm ready to hit the hay and get up early so I can be at work early for a meeting. 
Happy Mother's Day 2011!


  1. I've never seen that contest before. Cute.

    Sounds like fun at that festival and lots of things to look at. And good food too.

  2. What a fun thing to do on Mothers Day. Glad to see you enjoyed it!

  3. Glad you are back. I MISSED YOU!!!


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