Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Anniversary

Today we celebrated our 8th anniversary as a married couple.
You see, we were both married before... me, very early on, when I was just a young pup out of high school, and divorced soon after having two little boys.  For 34 years I assumed I would never marry again, and was a happy single.  I worked several jobs at a time, and had my own little place with my own little dogs and cats and chickens, and the care of someone else's horses.   Then I answered an ad and met a lonely Army officer stationed one county away from me at Fort Leavenworth.
We married after several years aquaintance, because, you see, I was so much older than he.  It didn't seem to matter, though, and 8 years ago today, we married at his second-to-the-last duty station in Texas.  Or rather, we married on the second floor of a tennis club, surrounded by church members and brought together by a wonderful preacher who reminded everyone what marriage was about.  My sister stood up for me, and my oldest son and family came, but my mother, who had wanted to see me happily married for many years, was too infirm to travel.  How I wish she could have been there!
We had a peaceful day today, I took the day off because of some medical tests, and Keith had a light day at the office.  Late this afternoon, we went to Olive Garden to eat.  Tonight, we worked on the new chickenhouse (okay, Keith did most of the work) and I am now baking a cake for a friend at work tomorrow.  It was a peaceful anniversary. 
I forgot to put my wedding rings back on after the tests, so I am sure the waitress thought the married man was having a fling!

P.S. The little flock got most of my spaghetti and tomatos, and they loved it.
I am trying out a new header... what do you think?
Farmgirldigitaldesigns did it, and isn't it great?


  1. Happy Anniversary Mary Ann. Congratulations-how wonderful you two found each other so unexpectedly. I love the new header--it looks wonderful :) Really pretty!

  2. Congratulations!! The new header is adorable!

  3. What a sweet story, Mary Ann! Happy Anniversary to both of you. I love Olive Garden...*sigh*...
    By the way~ the new header is awesome!
    Please tell Keith to hurry up on the coop... I'm so excited to see it I can hardly stand it! (No pressure or anything... LOL)

  4. Happy Anniversary my Sweet Friend! I like the new header - very vintage!


  5. Congratulations! What a wonderful story.

    I like the header.

    The picture is so cute with the pugs included.

  6. That's an awesome story Mary Ann, y'all look so happy together. I wish everybody could have somebody to love.

    We don't have an Olive Garden in our small town but we like to go to 'em when we can.

  7. Happy Anniversary! I loved reading your story. Yes! The header is beautiful. Very, very nice.

  8. Happy Anniversary! What a happy ending. : )

    And your header is a knock out!! I love it!

    Be well ~Andrea~

  9. Mary Ann: My computer crashed over a week ago and I just got it back. So far behind on your blog. Couldn't go back farther than 4-5-11. Have some catching up to do. Great pic of you and Keith and the Pugs. Mary G.


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