Monday, April 11, 2011

A Chick Story

We're down to two chicks only in the little henhouse, and tonight I threw out four eggs that had been rolled out of the nest and abandoned.  Two felt very heavy.  I found another dead chick by the waterer, so that now makes about seven that did not survive.  I suspect three reasons... two inexperienced mothers, born last September themselves, too many roosters, and too many birds.  Silka is valiantly sitting the rest of the eggs, and tried to roll several underneath her when the two young mamas got up to feed and water the chicks. 
Somehow I have to move some roosters out, as much as I like them.  We just have too many. 

Look what's blooming in the garden today:


  1. Sorry about the chick.

    Those are pretty flowers.

  2. I always seperate a mother and her eggs/chicks. Roosters are not usually the problem, other hens will kill chicks. To a nonbroody hen chicks are just little things in their way. Good luck with the rest.



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