Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Cold Saturday

Today started out wet and cold, after the wind blew hard all night.  It was amazing how the whistling of the wind literally woke me up from a deep sleep... I got up to look out and make sure everything was okay.  Keith was so tired from the week that he slept right through it. 

Today, I bought three more chicks from Heartland Hatchery at our favorite feed store, Valley Feed in Bonner Springs, Kansas.  I have traded there for about 16 years, and I like their milled feeds, packaged under the Kaw Valley brand.  I managed to close my eyes to the hundreds and hundreds of cheeping chicks... I hate how the hatchery man throws them around like peanuts.... and bought only three Porcelain (color) D'uccles.  These are like Mille Fleurs (called Millies here) only the porcelain or bluish white color pattern.  Angel is one of these.  Our original plan was to take the two living chicks from the little henhouse, and candle the eggs left to see if any had viable chicks, then move Silka and those eggs to the nursing cage in the big henhouse.  Of course, we never got to it, so the three little chicks are alone in the nursing cage.  We are hoping it's too cold for the big snakes to wake up tomorrow.
Those mouse holes are on the other side of the wire from them, but the snakes use them for access, too.  I'm praying the steel wool I stuffed where the snakes came in prevents them from coming through again.  In the new henhouse we will have a better brooder cage.

 Here I am getting ready to make the first part of the first cut tonight after a wonderful steak and potato dinner Keith fixed while I was at church.  Notice I have the lovely Army sweatshirt on again... it was cold today.  Though I usually wait until Easter afternoon to cut, I could not do it this year, the pugs were having the grass-surf, and I was tired of stumbling on the huge patches of grass. 
Keith snapped this without telling me... I only cut part of the yard so the little girls could go out and run for a while.
I'm weird, I love to cut grass, which is good, because Keith doesn't.
He likes to build, though...

Here he is working on the fittings of the new henhouse about 7:30 tonight, already worn out from the cement-lifting.
He had to re-dig two of the holes, as our neighbor did not get them accurately two weeks ago, so there was quite a bit of concrete that had to be poured.

Yes, this henhouse will be enough off the ground that the mice cannot dig through, but will have to gnaw through rabbit wire to get in.  The chickens will be able to get underneath it to have shade from the hot sun of summer.  The white paint is preservative on the wood piers.
We're both good tired tonight, Keith especially.  He has bought me a new weed puller so I am going to get busy on the flower beds tomorrow and get those dandelions PULLED!
Night-Night, Bloggers!


  1. Mowing. It won't be long before I have to do that too.

  2. We have yet to cut a single blade of grass!!

  3. I'm glad my hubby likes to cut grass. Otherwise I would RoundUp it.


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