Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wild Kingdom

Friends, I am hurrying to do a post before the computer crashes again. 

I have NO CLUE what's happening, it literally turned black 
yesterday afternoon as Keith and I sat here talking, and 
then came back up with the screen stretcheeeeddddd out.  
I have finally gotten it back to normal, but I suspect it 
needs work.  My firewall finds no virus. 

Anyway, we're going to try it! 

Yesterday morning, I saw this guy far in the distance, in the pasture. 
Remember, it is so dry here now that clouds of dust cover every car, and 
hang in the air.  It even gets IN the car and gets on my tongue, UGH... so 
I don't blame the birds for staying away from the roadside. 

This was on the way to the old place. 

Different birds, same road, other side. 

Also far away. 

This was under the bird, and I've never seen it before... it's a stile! 

I saw this girl, and another, on the way, too. 

This cracked me up... when I came back, the hawk I had taken from the 
front was on the same pole, and had turned his back to look the other way. 

I am seeing hawks everywhere I look now. 

Our beautiful girl in the sunlight.  We are having wonderful weather this week, 
true fall weather. 

Here's our friend again! 

We saw yet another mighty hunter on the way home that day! 


  1. oHMYPUG you keep that cat down in your part of the rose

  2. Such wonderful photos.

    I am tired of the dust too. Ready for a good old two day soaker.

  3. Great pics of the hawks. My zoom is not steady enough for good long distance shots.

  4. That hawk on the post reminds me of one I used to see on my way to work. A lot of days there he'd be on the very same fence post. I wonder if they find a roosting spot and revisit it daily or maybe it was a different one, only looked the same? Glad you have had some wonderful days !

  5. That beautiful bird in the water!!! WOW!


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