Tuesday, September 1, 2015

All About the Vultures

Everytime I think the vultures have left us for the south, I see them again. 

Here is a link to some interesting vulture information from All About Birds. 

There are going to be three blurry pictures... on Sunday evening, I saw a 
vulture sitting on a pole.  In a few moments, this happened. 

And in a moment, before that first bumper got comfortable, HE was bumped off! 

You will have to take my word for it, but here was a THIRD bumper, who knocked number two off. 

The three vanquished vultures ended up here... 

And I had a good laugh. 

Today, I saw this: 

There had actually been fourteen up there, as I got out of the car, one flew. 

I could see them on poles in the distance. 

These three were across the road on a power pole. 

Were they waiting for breakfast?  Drying their feathers?  Gathering to start moving south? 

There were three in the air, besides all these on the poles. 

They calmly watched me as I stood under them. 

But I made this baby nervous, and he flew after another picture. 
You can't see the ruff of soft feathers around his neck. 

These aren't vultures, but they ARE the group of five turkeys I showed you yesterday.  I got there just as they crossed the road. 

So beautiful in the evening sun. 


  1. have you ever seen a buzzard tornado..... really kind of cool... they spiral in the air like a funnel. must be riding thermals. one time we were fishing and saw easily 50 or 60 making a tornado.

  2. We used to have a lot on the jailhouse tower, then the deputies started shooting off fireworks at 5 am every morning and they went away.............geeze!
    stella rose

  3. I read somewhere about a town that has a festival to celebrate the fall migration of turkey vultures. Don't recall where, though. You must be getting your share of their migration :)

  4. When we see them we keep walking so they don't think we are a hamburger
    Lily & Edward

  5. Not big on Vultures but the Turkeys are cool!

    M : )

  6. Those are some mighty big birds!


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