Monday, September 28, 2015

Ending the Old Week with a Bang!

33 years before we see the likes of this again.  I was not going to miss any of it. 

The little boys had a game tonight, and we were all at the baseball field when the moon rose, beautiful, between the trees. 

The game was nearly over, so Keith and I left.  I sat on the new deck off and on, 
while he went down to start dialysis.  I could hear our neighbors all around me at first in the dark, but by 10:30, lights were out and no one was talking. 

It was just a remarkable sight, one I am so glad I saw. 

It was thrilling.

Are any of you familiar with the Puccini opera "Turandot"? 
The strains of "Perche 
Tarda la Luna" went through my mind all evening. 

(sorry for the blur) 

It began to return. 

Then it was almost there! 

"Vieni, faccia pallida!" 

(Come, pale face!) 

It was truly remarkable. 

To me, it isn't Jax's ball playing prowess that's important. 

It's seeing the fun that he and his friends have playing the game. 

Yes, grandma's hands weren't very steady last night. 

He runs like this all the time... the tongue helps. 

This got my week off to a great start this morning!  

Yes, one is bigger than the other (and looks like he is doing some scouring) but they both appear to be healthy enough, and thriving.  

A good start to another week. 


  1. I love your posts. What beautiful pictures.
    stella rose

  2. after 2 months of no rain, it got cloudy and rained out my moon adventure. so sad! kids and baseball, what's better?

  3. I'm probably not going to be around in 33 years, unless somebody decides to pickle me! It was a good sight!

  4. Your moon view was much clearer than ours, but it was magical. I have several Puccini CDs that I love so I'll have to get them out and see if this is on it.

    Look at that cute tongue in the cheek, power in that!


  5. You got some great pictures!! Thanks for sharing them! I was so disappointed...there was a lot of cloud cover here, and I only saw tiny glimpses of the moon this time. :(

  6. Those pictures of the moon are really something! You should be proud of those! We had a lot of cloud cover here, but it was still very beautiful.

  7. That moon last night was fantastic. Great pictures
    Lily & Edward

  8. Oh Mary Ann!
    All the beautiful photos of the moon! Good job!

  9. Thank you for the moon photos. I didn't get to see it here as it was too cloudy. I can't imagine that I'll be around to see it the next time it comes, so your pictures were very appreciated.

  10. Glad you saw the twins. GREAT pictures Mary Ann. We 2 Nutz talked about watching it and then completely forgot. As in forgetting about it until I read your post. Thanks for the pictures.

    I'm glad Jax is getting to play ball.


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