Saturday, September 5, 2015

Strange Doings

Well, there have been some strange doings here this week. 

On Thursday morning, the dogs and I were on our ways to the old house. 

Out of the corner of my right eye, I saw something coming across the 
pasture-with-the-airstrip that we pass every day. 

Yes, the picture is a blur.  I was trying to stop the car and get the camera up at the same time, because I did not want to lose sight. 

Finally, the first appeared. 

It paused to look around, but did NOT look towards the car, where we were sitting 25 feet away. 

They were running as fast as they could... and there was actually still another, the seventh, behind these last two with the big group.  
Parents and babies, I think... running at 8:20 in the morning from something frightening. 

I waited until they had disappeared into the bean fields on the left and went on, scanning the woods to the right. 

We got to the old house, and for the first time in weeks, I saw vultures on the comm tower across the road. 

Our poor overgrown pasture. 

So, we started back, and at almost the same spot where the raccoons had come out, we saw this. 

And this.... notice the look back?  At the same stretch of woods.  It was now about 9:20 AM. 

There is a swale in that bean field... do you see her watching? 

These are the woods from which they all ran.  I have talked to several local people (and friend Jill) about it.  Opinions vary from packed dogs, coyotes, a cat of some kind, either bob-or mountain and MAN, the worst killer. 

Daytime, mind you. 

The white thing you see in the ground in front of the treeline is a marker for the air strip. 

As we went on home, I saw the two turkeys I showed you the other day, same yard, but farther back from the road. 

Here I am going to stop to tell you that my brother has been very ill for two weeks, and I have been going daily to the hospital to sit with him.  He is now on hospice care at a new nursing home. 

I was there on Thursday at noon when I got a call that Keith was being admitted to the VA.  He was then sent to KU Medical Center for admittance to the Cardiac Care unit.  Yes, he is 
now in the hospital and on medication.  

This morning, I made a trip to the old house.  Troy had met me there last night, God bless our good neighbor... and rescued me again. 

We are having a new septic system put in there, and somehow, the 
man had tripped the well pump off. 

Troy restored the water.  They must fill the tank partially before they 

I'll have more pictures of this tomorrow, because it is interesting. 

On the way back, we saw this.  Yes, the other was behind her. 
You can see she is a fawn still.  They were the two deer whom 
we had seen cross two days before.  What a relief to know the danger had gone from their woods. 

(they are standing close to the airstrip) 

As we continued on, I thought I saw a hawk standing on a fence pole in a field-yard behind an abandoned home.  Not a hawk... an owl! 

And finally, we saw our friend of the little pond.  The pond, as you see... is seriously low.  The cattle are still standing in it daily... but it is shrinking.  We need rain here! 

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day weekend! 
I will try to post again tomorrow sometime. 


  1. I am sorry about your brother, you are a good sister, he is lucky to have you. As for the animals, since it was midday, my money is on humans.

  2. Such great pictures and sightings you had! I really enjoyed them, I can't believe all the activity. But I am very sorry to hear about your brother and also Keith! Good gravy. I'm sending all my love and prayers to you friend.

  3. Hope Keith gets as good care in the cardiac unit at KU Med as Larry did when he was there. Larry had to have those stents replaced in May but was in the cardiac treatment and recovery unit overnight for that. Sorry to hear about your brother also; he's lucky to have you to sit with him.

  4. Keep us posted on Keith. I'm keeping you both in my prayers.

  5. So sorry to hear about your brother and Keith too. My goodness but you must feel torn in a thousand different directions. I will be praying for you all.

  6. this is better than National Geographic!!
    Lily & Edward

  7. You had a rare opportunity to capture the racoon family! Adorable! Hope they found a safe place.

    I'm so sorry about your brother, and about Keith being in the hospital too. Prayers for you and them, Mary Ann.

  8. I'm so sorry that Keith and your brother are both ill.

    You have been able to get a lot of good captures!

  9. You're in my thoughts and your brother, Keith and you are in my prayers. Dee

  10. Were always keeping Keith in our thoughts and prayers


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