Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gettin' Caught Up

Tuesday night already, and we have had a lot going on.  

Keith has been sneezing non-stop.  He IS, for the first time I can remember, 
taking Flonase and it's helping. 

This is American Bittersweet growing in the front fence line at the old house. 

I meant to cut some today, and forgot it.  I'll get some tomorrow. 
I wish I could get it started here. 

We've had a couple of really hot days lately. 

It's hard on the dogs. 

And you can see that my drives are becoming more and more fall-like. 

Someone's face lit up when Grandpa got to the game on Sunday. 

Eagle scouts worked on the gazebo at the Ag Hall.  They and their parents were quite the great group of people.  Yours truly was able to get the little train out of the tunnel by herself for the first time! 

My nemesis. 

I admit I had to call Ray from the tunnel (where we keep the train when not in use) to remind me how to start the darn thing again.  My problem is that I don't drive it often enough to always remember the sequence, and it's DARK IN THE TUNNEL! 

Ray himself actually came along a short while later, because he is volunteering still as our beekeeper.  He was giving a lesson to a new volunteer. 

They were checking out the hive whose queen died.  In it were hive beetles (very tiny) and brown waterbugs, UGH. 

Shortly after this, they gowned up and smoked the good hive. 

Ray took the top super home to extract the honey from it.  

The cars parked behind Ray and Sherie were there for the Renaissance Festival, 
which is ongoing now for another 4 weekends.  They share our parking. 

Judy came along to lock up, and I told her that the scouts really wanted a train ride. 
She obliged and.... 

Recruited several to train as train drivers! 

This is the second time I've seen this big group of batchellors.  There are six here, but there are about ten in the group. 

This little guy was in the yard at the old house when I got there yesterday... I gave him time to 
get away before I let Lilly loose. 

More about our weekend projects tomorrow! 


  1. It looks like a good time is about to be had! Great photos!

  2. I enjoyed all your pictures. I'm glad you are keeping busy as always and enjoying what you do.

  3. I know that smile melted Keith's heart. That's a beautiful red squirrel.

    A busy, busy weekend.

    I'm not familiar with American Bitterweed. I'll have to google it.

  4. That beekeeper stuff is pretty cool
    Lily & Edward

  5. Glad to hear that Keith was able to get to the game!

    We are going to have to come out to the Ag sometime,
    the train looks like fun.

    M : )

  6. I see a good time in everyone of those photos!


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