Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So Much to Talk About

First, a review. 


When Keith went to the hospital two weeks ago, he had to go back his first night home by ambulance. 

The ambulance and firetruck drivers had a terrible time finding our house in the dark. 
The ambulance left, and I was getting together things to go to the hospital, when the 
doorbell rang.  It was one of the firemen, and he gave me an order form for a yard sign that glows in the dark, so they can find our house easily at night. 

Keith ordered one.  When I went to pick it up today (I'll show it to you as soon as it is mounted in the yard), I saw this great little Chicken house. 

The other side. 

From the rear.  There are, sadly, no longer chickens in residence.  I wish I could just pick it up and bring it HERE. 

The top of the pen did not have a cover, but had slats across it, to prevent critters from coming in. 

Like I said, if I could pick it up! 

Here were the little red hens and Silver in the henspa this morning. 

They are looking... okay, not great.  Well, Silver looks great. 

They are eating that yard down very fast. 

This is a Sharp Shinned Hawk from All About Birds. 

This is a Coopers Hawk, from All About Birds. 

What is this?  
He was hunting five to six feet off the ground yesterday, swooping down in the pasture, a long way from me. 

See his wings? 

Note the back. 

He dove at several things in the grass. 

There's a little clearer picture.  What does everyone think?  Coopers? 

Could be a dark red tail, but I have never seen one hunt five or six feet off the ground. 

Friend Jill? 

His back. 

I leave it to you. 

This morning's beautiful sunrise over the ripening bean fields. 

I am staying far, far to the right these days.  The grain trucks are rumbling everywhere, and if it isn't grain, it's hay on the move. 

Yesterday morning, we visited Troy's pond for a bit.  It has an algae bloom on it. 

Lil took off at a gallop for the woods. 

While Jester ran around and around the pond, chasing frogs. 

I have NEVER seen him go in this far.  

He finally came over and flopped in the water in front of me, also the first time he has ever done it!  

He earned his rest! 


  1. Lizzy is not a water dog either. I think she had a bad experience before she moved in here.

  2. Great idea about the sign!
    Not so sure the chips are a good
    idea though.

    Hope Keith is getting along.

    M : )

  3. MA, my guess is a Red Shoulder Hawk.

  4. Very nice chicken shed, wish you could have it magically land there!

    Such good photos, Mary Ann. And I hope you do watch out for those big trucks throwing up all that dust.

  5. Looks like a female Harrier to me.

  6. great photos as always Mary Ann.. A Cooper Hawk hit our house today and died/
    That sign is a good thing!

  7. Not to be an alarmist, but I think it is bad for dogs to be in that kind of water. Just something to check.
    Beautiful hawk pictures!

  8. Good idea to have a sign so your house can be easily spotted. We have house numbers but they don't show up at night either. I love your sunrise picture. You must have been out early to catch that. It's just 7:00 here and the sky is beginning to lighten up. Not as early as a few weeks ago for sure.

  9. I'm with Michele, I believe it is a northern harrier.

  10. in don't waste your money buying them?

    I can tell you to not buy the "Southern Biscuit and Gravy" flavor. I got a small bag at a sandwich place. Ate one and took the rest home to my chickens. YUCK!

    Oh Jester.....another YUCK. A cute muddy doggie.

  11. Mom took mags and gus to the lake on sunday and neither one of them would go down to that water, that was a cute little chicken house................cute jes picture...stella rose

  12. Now that I really look at the facial feathers, I agree! Northern Harrier Hen!

  13. I can't even imagine those new potato chip flavors--not buying any of them, either.
    Is it safe for the dogs to drink that algae covered water?
    That chicken house is adorable. It has a lot of potential for storage, too.

  14. The white stripe along the base of the tail leads my mom to think Northern Harrier!
    I came over from Stella Rose's blog to say hello!


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