Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Trying to Finish the Move

Almost 18 months since we moved to our new house, and 
we are still trying to finish moving from the old! 
We still had lots of things... not LOTS but some things
in the shop that we needed to get out. 

Chris, oldest grandson, came up from Garnett (KS) to help on 
Monday morning. 

First item of the day was moving the hens from the old hen house to the hen spa. 

Oh, yes, Lilly was VERY interested. 

Two of the hens acted like we were KILLING them and screamed the whole way across the yard. 

This morning, they were settled in.  I left them in all day yesterday. 

I got four very nice eggs in the nest boxes. 

Then we went through the shop, dusty and dirty.  There were still things that needed to be moved here, and bless Chris, he is strong and knows how to do things.  Keith came out and we loaded up the truck, drove home, unloaded it, and went back for another load. 

Chris had to weed eat the hen spa yard on Monday, as it had overgrown all summer long, after the cochins were moved out in June.  Madame Argiope's web was disturbed, and she set to work repairing it immediately. 

This morning, I threw open the side door and the pophole, and the hens didn't move.  I was depending on Silver the Brahma to lead them out, this is the yard she and Goldie lived in until 6 weeks ago. 

Finally, after doing some other things in the shop, I came back to check on them. 

Silver had done her job. 

I am still thinking of bringing Silver and one other hen here to keep at our new house. 
However, the coop that Keith brought at Orschelns was destroyed by high winds last week, it is shattered in the back yard. 

So, Chris and I loaded a dog house up from the old house. 

I took one more picture of Chris as we were getting ready to go.  He helped me so much while we lived in the little house... I went to Garnett to get him regularly, and he was so good with the animals and figuring out how to do things.  I really appreciated his help.  He is the oldest of our grandkids. 

I could not believe my eyes this morning as we came up an oft-traveled road.  A turtle! 
In September!  I stopped... and carried it across the road, because I could see a truck coming fast. 

The funny thing was, out of the corner of my right eye, I thought I had seen a turtle on the verge on the highway on the way to Garnett. 

I put it in the grass beyond the road... it was headed for a wonderful wooded area, perfect for winter hibernation. 

So, I went to see Brother Pete today, and fed him his lunch. 
When I left the nursing home, I was running late for another appointment, and 
ended up having to reschedule it. 

I got home and admit I was stressed out from the drive and worry about the time. 

I was sitting in the recliner with Jes on my lap, and trying to rest and recoup. 

All of the sudden, I saw a bird fly crazily past the window, as fast as it could go... behind it was a HAWK.  I yelled HAWK to Keith and leapt out of the chair for the camera. 
Lilly ran for cover, she didn't know what was happening, and Jester ran to the couch. 

I ran in the spare bedroom to look down at my little pond in the side yard. 

It was hard to see in the high grass of my little pond. 

But he jumped up on the fence and I was able to get good pictures. 
It's a juvenile red tailed hawk.  Might be a female, it was so large. 

She jumped up and down, up and down, between pond and fence.  She stayed maybe five minutes, in all. 

My guess is, now that she knows where the feeder is (for prey) she will be back. 

It's hard for juveniles to feed themselves the first year, and I was glad to see she did not look in bad shape. 

Tonight, Keith had a very special evening. 

Daughter Amber, Son in law Jesse, and boys Jace, Carson and Hayden all came over to go 
fishing with Grandpa.  Troy kindly allowed them to fish the pond. 

Carson had a blast with the new Spiderman fishing rod Grandpa got him, seen without a hook on it here, since he was enthusiastic about flinging it around. 

He had already caught a fish! 

Jace caught his second bass when I got there, and threw it back. 

Someone went for her favorite swimming hole as soon as we got there. The pond is probably down four feet from our swimming days of mid-summer. 

Lilly took off for the woods at this point, and as you see on her head, came back covered with stick-tites. 

The sunset on the way home was gorgeous. 

We have a 40% chance of rain tomorrow, and we need it, at this point. 


  1. Wow; I've never seen a large hawk hunting in a yard like that! Nice captures. So glad Keith got to enjoy a special day like that; Carson and Jace sure are handsome lads.

  2. What a day! So productive and filled with blessings. How nice to have real help.

  3. Thank goodness for a good strong and willing to work grandson like you have. He's been a blessing to you with all the help he's giving. Hard to believe it's been 18 months since your big move began. I loved seeing the fishing expedition. Looks like everyone had loads of fun! We need rain here too. Take care !

  4. Closer Mary Ann. You are getting closer to having it done. I know how much you love your chickens. So, I hope you can take a couple to the new house.

    Those 2 grands are spitting images of each other. Both are precious and very cute boys.

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. What a blessing it is for you to have such a sweet family that helps you out!

    Those Grands are super adorable, and how fun to get to go fishing with their Grandpa :)

  6. Mary Ann,

    What a beautiful day!!!
    Lot's accomplished, time with family, and then I hope a great rest!!

  7. What great pictures. Its hard to believe it has been 18 months I was thinking maybe a year..........those kids are cute. stella rose

  8. Oh Mary Ann,, were so glad that Chris is such a good helper!!! He is like an angel to you and Keith for helping.

    Your photos are fantastic,,, the ripples in the water are amazing

  9. It looks like your living the dream, of course it doesn't hurt when you have a few youngins to help out. Lord knows I spent more time than I'd care to admit chasing my chickens around the backyard. Hopefully you will be all moved in by Christmas.

    PS. you could throw that sunset right onto a post card.

    Robyn Harmon @ Hills Moving

  10. I agree that sometimes buying a new home is weird and can be a difficult process. This is why I always work with a buyers agent so that I know exactly what I am getting and do not have to worry about being surprised when I actually move in and begin to get my family living there with me as well.

    Julia Stewart @ Daytona Buyers Agent


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