Thursday, October 1, 2015

Not Much to Talk About

maybe this. 

If these are the twins...

What is this? 

I thought it could be a dead calf. 
The original calf I saw.  

But.... it was not there yesterday or today. 

I think there must be a third tiny calf, but I have not 
seen them up and around yet. 

I have seen very, very few vultures in the last week.  I did see one today almost in a traffic lane, eating a raccoon.  A single vulture. 

Little Mr. Studly posed for me when I stopped to take the vulture's pictures. 

Our gorgeous old girl in the morning sun.

I saw a group of red-winged blackbirds swoop towards the little pond this morning. 

And I saw this beautiful sight... I love geese, and they are feeding now on the cornfields as 
they are being harvested.  Soon we will be able to hear hundreds and hundreds of them! 


  1. Sure looks like another calf. Seems late in the year for all these newborns. But, I'm not a cattle expert either.

    Love the pony pic. He's cute.

    Happy weekend.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Hope you have a fantastic Friday !

  3. Thank you for the lovely animal pictures. I really enjoyed looking at them.

  4. The little calves look healthy! I think I saw a yellow ear tag on one of them in the first picture, so apparently someone's been tending to them. I'm glad to hear the other one is gone today...hopefully it was just taking a siesta. :) And yes, your dog is beautiful in the sunshine! (wish we had some of that here right now!) Have a good weekend!

  5. ahhhhh lily in the sunshine....that calf had better be okay.
    stella rose

  6. Beautiful photos Mary Ann! We love the geese


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