Friday, September 18, 2015

Something Astounding

Yes, I am still not well, but I made it into the Ag Hall today for my Friday commitment. 
I love going there. 

Judy and I decorated out in front a little, and then I walked right past it and forgot to take a picture!  I'll try to get by there over the weekend with more decorations. 

I saw something truly astounding tonight.  It won't mean a lot to you reading this post, but 
I will never forget it.  

Turkey vultures migrate. 

Before heading out, they form a kettle.  Yesterday, I saw many vultures in the distance on my way home from the farm. 

Tonight... I was astounded, simply astounded. 

It had been storming all day, and was about to storm again. 

Some were low... some were high...

Over to the west, I could see ten or twelve more... you can barely see them in this picture. 

I got back in the car and drove a half mile down the road...

and jumped out again, because there was another stream above me.  

My guess is that there were more than one hundred vultures. 

I'm sorry the pictures were so faint, but they were high up for the most part. 

I am still seeing hummingbirds at my feeders near the deck... that is also astounding me, as it is September 18. 

I'll never, ever forget this sight! 


  1. It truly is something to see,,, isn't it? All those birds!
    We have hummingbirds that winter over here,, and at the farms down the road.. The people down the road keep the water heated for them to drink,, using a string of christmas lights around the feeder..

  2. Nature always astonishes me. Hope you are better soon.

  3. I am in awe. I didn't know they migrated.

  4. I call them buzzards, but I've never seen that many together. BUT, I've never been to Hinkley, Ohio, either! lol

  5. They tend to overnight in tall pines not far from my house. I have never seen 100 but have counted 45 at one time. The are really impressive in the morning when they are setting out and circling looking for an updraft to ride. I love them.

  6. Don't know much about turkey vultures.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    M :)

  7. Did not know that about vultures. What an awesome sight and capture!


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