Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Quiet Weekend

Well, it started out in a rush. 

Today was cleanup day at the National Agricultural Center.

Buildings were cleaned and spiffed up. 
Gardening was done. 
Decorating was done. 

Here's our hard-working volunteer coordinator, Marsha, finishing up decorating 
the sign at the crossroads (I'm the only one that calls it the crossroads!) 

The back of the sign is just painted red, and with the two tall bundles of corn stalks, 
will make a wonderful background for pictures for the fall weddings coming in. 

A group of scouts and their moms and dads helped weed several 
flower beds that needed it badly, and provided the oomph and scout knots to get those 
stalks solidly on the sign! 

They also were kind enough to take our two flags that were shredded in a storm 3 weeks ago, to dispose of respectfully and properly. 

Thanks, Scouts! 

We also had representatives both male and female from a local high school who 
worked all day at different projects.  I did not get their pictures, I wish I had. 

Thanks, Piper High School Key Club. 

Several members of the Board of Governors also came and 
helped out.  

As you see, the day was beautiful but it did get fairly warm, too. 

Our beautiful Smith farm house is decorated for the season.  We have to replace some 
porch floorboards, so we are directing people to the side door. 

This fawn was calmly eating as the dogs and I came home from the old place.  We only went once today, as I had to be at the Ag Hall at 9 this morning. 

It did raise it's head to look at me, as I stopped to take it's picture. 
This was the same yard where I saw the three last night. 

So, I went about 50 feet farther along the road... 

And look whom I saw in my favorite drive!  

They had a little friend, do you see him on the left? 

I hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday. 


  1. It was a busy Saturday for you so I'm hoping you too get a peaceful Sunday !

  2. It was a beautiful Saturday for sure!
    Always good when projects are finished.

    M : )

  3. We've decided the deer at deer camp are scared of the raccoon's

    Looks like a lot of good help Mary Ann!


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