Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Blur Of Days

The last two weeks have been a blur.  I 
was visiting my brother daily in the hospital... and now he has been transferred to a new 
nursing home, where he is on hospice.  That 
nursing home is about 25 miles from us. 

Keith was in KU Medical Center for 7 days, got out yesterday morning, 
and went back by ambulance last night.  He was allowed to come home in the middle of the night... 2:30 AM, and is feeling much better today, thank heavens.  

It's his 56th birthday! 

I'm sorry this wasn't closer, but yesterday morning, I stopped when I saw two deer coming out from the woods on the left. 

I am starting to see deer more frequently. 

About three weeks ago, a pad was made at a home I pass daily.  The home itself sits off to the left, across a pond that was put in about 4 years ago.  

The gazebo is placed where you can sit and enjoy the pond.  

Anyway... the pad was put in.  Then, above the house to the back, a septic tank was installed, and all the blocks delivered.  I wondered what the heck?  Like I said, there is a big, Victorian looking house to the left across the pond. 

If you look up the website, you will see that they can make many different types of buildings with these blocks, and they are very energy efficient. 

When we went by tonight, I took more pictures, which I will show you tomorrow.  You will be stunned how fast the building is going up.  What I thought was a small building to enjoy the pond appears to be a house! 

Look what started last night!  

Jax is on a new team, joining some of his friends from his very first T Ball team (they are in coach-pitch).  The Wyco and Field of Dreams groups combined their fall teams, playing some at Basehor's Field of Dreams and some at Wyco.  Last night's doubleheader was at Basehor's, which is very near our house.  It's a short season, only 8 games, but already last night we can see it will be a fun season. 

Yes, sir!  

Grandma is pretty proud. 

I left there to go home and find Keith very ill, and had to call 911, but thank heavens, 
we got to bring him home again. 

I heard voices as I was coming off the porch of the old house yesterday... and looked up fast. 

How I love them! 

Sorry, I know it's boring to read about other's families, but... I hope he always loves to be outdoors, playing sports. 

As I type this, Lilly Ann is under my feet, squeezed into the small area under my desk, scared of the thunderstorm raging outdoors.  We are supposed to drop to the 40's tonight! 

Fall is on the way. 


  1. Oh my, it sounds like you have had a lot going on! I've not been so good at keeping up these days. Thinking of you and your family...Keith (happy birthday!) and his illness, and you as you care for him...and for your brother as well. And way to goJax!

  2. When you mentioned rain, I just forgot all you had said before. Teasing but that is a blessing we need direly now.

    I am so sorry you are having all this not so good happening but you are able to enjoy the wonderful things you've seen. I love the look on your grandson's face. I think he will continue in sports. You have every right to be proud.

    Healing thoughts and prayers headed your way.

  3. What a hard time this is for you with your brother on hospice and Keith so ill. I think of you often... and will continue to hold you in my prayers.

  4. I'm glad that Keith is home again, what a blessing and I'm sure it made for a happier birthday. Sorry to hear that your brother is in hospice though. Take care of yourself too with all the busyness going on.

  5. Gosh, I'm so sorry Keith is going round and round to the hospital. Tell him Happy Birthday from me. I hope he gets well soon.

    Jax is a cutie. I'm never gonna stop posting pics of my baby niece. It's part of my blog. Keep on posting Mary Ann.

    I hope you have a good weekend. Take care,

  6. Sheesh, Happy Birthday to Keith & praying for his health & your brothers too. What a difficult time for you, know that you are held in our hearts.

    Edgar and his mum


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