Thursday, September 3, 2015

At the Circus

Many of you know that I belonged to Circus Fans 
Association for many years.  

Last night, the Culpepper and Merriweather circus was in 
McLouth, about 25 miles from us.  It actually is five miles away, 
in Basehor, today, but we have our last T Bones game of the season tonight, 
so off to McLouth I went to see the 5 PM show. 

For the end of the season, their tent was still very clean and attractive. 

In fact, all the equipment was in good shape. 

McLouth is a small farm town about 16 miles west of Tonganoxie. I just realized I had the same family in my first two shots... there actually was a nearly full house for this show. 

This girl was watching the crowd from the backyard.  She was a beauty. 

There was a slide, a pony sweep, and a bouncy house in the front yard.  I think that is the most attactively marked pony!  It was 90 out, and all the ponies and horses and the little mule in the pen had on fly masks. 

The big cats were first, even though there were three, only two performed. This one had been loose in the big pen while we were waiting out in front for the tent to be opened. 

Trey Key, the circus general manager, also presents the cats.  This is not a whip-cracking, yelling at the cats kind of act, in fact, here he is affixing a treat to the end of the pole for the tiger. 

Francis the lion got his share of treats, too. 

This act, the Arlise Family, went so fast I was hard-pressed to get anything in focus! 

The dad also spotted for the other performing member so the family... and wore a 
back brace, I noticed.  When he dismounted from the high ladder there on the right.. I noticed a big wince. (he was on a very high unicycle, and jumped down onto the folded up foam pad you see in the background).  And still, they soldier on. 

There was a wonderful tight-wire performer, Johnathan Morales. 

And Miss Paulina presented Big and Little (the pony is out of the picture) 

Miss Simone presented the trapeze act. 

12 year old Miss Georgia was the contortionist and made my joints HURT.  

While Ms Nathalie, the ringmistress, presented a very fast paced dog act. 

The Morales Brothers ended the show with their Wheel of Death. 
As you see... they almost had to bend over when the wheel passed the top of the tent.  
It was thrilling! 

Yes, I had a good time.  I always do... but some, more than others, and this 
was one of them.  A tight, well-run show, which, I am sure, is on their 
way in to winter quarters in Hugo. (OK).  

It was a good evening for your blogger. 

Today I had some strange experiences on the way out to and back from the old house... I will show you pictures of those tomorrow. 


  1. I can tell you had a very good time.............stella rose

  2. Those little circuses could be lots of fun
    Lily & Edward

  3. the animals look well cared for. yes, ouch...that girl makes every bone in my body hurt.

  4. I could become a fan but few travel our way. I've seen two in my life time.

  5. I haven't been to a circus since I was a little girl, they were so thrilling!

    That black and white pony is pretty and reminds me of the pretty horses that were in the old cowboy shows. And no, I didn't know that you used to belong to Circus Fans Association. Were you like a booster club?


  6. Nothing like being a kid again for awhile!

    M : )

  7. A circus can be a lot of fun. Glad you had the opportunity to get to one. Great pictures !

  8. I love a kind, clean, well-run circus! Glad you went so you could share it with us!

  9. I know you had a good time, you needed it!


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