Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Puzzlement and Some Other Pictures

Three nights ago, I was on the way home from the old place and saw this... 
I was alone for some reason, no dogs with me. 

I have shown you the herd in this pasture many, many times, they are the 
angus herd with one black baldie and one white cow, and their calves, that always 
stand in the shrinking pond. 

This was a BRAND NEW CALF.  No cow in sight. 

I rolled the window down and called to it, and it mooed to me and came towards the fence.  It's navel was still wet, and still, no cow in sight. 
I worried for two days. 

It had looked over it's shoulder (and I had seen the herd moving over the hill, away from the pond).  It was clear by the road. 

I could not go by there the next day, because I was so afraid it would be dead.  There is a huge bull in with those cows... I was not going to try to find mom. 

I steeled myself last night. 

Do you see what I see? 

Two little bundles of Joy. 

However, I went by there tonight... 

And I saw only one tiny baby alone in the grass, no nursemaid around him. 

I could not see another baby by a cow as the herd was grazing, but that doesn't mean he wasn't there. 

This one got up... I think it's he from the other day.  

Of course, I'm worried again. 

This beautiful weed is Johnson Grass, the bane of bean and corn fields. 

Thank you, Dawn. 

This beautiful bird, by consensus (thank you Michelle, Farm Buddy, and Friend Jill) is a Northern Harrier.  I honestly was stunned!  It was a beautiful bird, and I hope, hope,  hope I see it again!  I agree with this because here is a picture from the net: 


I saw these girls the same night I saw the calf.  They were in one of my favorite drives... 

Is that neat or what?  It makes you want to go down the drive.  That's a martin house in the distance.  

They were there tonight, too.  Number three was across the drive. 

Today, I had to attend the county commission meeting again. 
Afterwards, I went to a cool new shop in Leavenworth where I have been trying to go for several weeks. 

Sunflower Sisters Vintage is in a beautiful old building in Leavenworth. They share it with a 
plumbing parts company... and it is full of antiques and hand-crafted items. 

Here is a beautiful hand-crafted frame. 

Here is a more masculine version. 

My purchase consisted of a lovely old low table to use as a plant stand... and two 
handcrafted pieces of jewelry.  

26.00 total.  

The jewelry was wrapped and put in an old Simplicity pattern envelope. 

I'm going back! 

Sunflower Sisters is on Facebook. 

Look whom I caught at the old house tonight! 
The Bluebirds of Happiness! 


  1. A shop I would love. Kicking myself right now for throwing some things away today! Good ideas there.

    The calf looked fed, sometimes a mom only takes one twin...but you know that. There was a fact I learned when we had twins. Another man told me that had several twins. The individual calf will always grow up smaller than a single calf but the combined weight of the two is always much more than a single calf...I think he was talking money wise. Just a strange fact I had never thought about.

    And I had more to say but it just sailed out my window of thought...sorry. Have a blessed evening.

  2. Do you know the owner of the cattle? You might want to let him or her know about the calf that appears to be away from its mother. If that is the case, these babies are usually brought into the barn and become bucket calves.

  3. Love your bird photos; I'd be worried about the calf, too.

  4. May the blue bird of happiness be with you ! Happy Friday !

  5. Call that owner up and ask him about that baby. we love those frames and that shop. I hope that babe is doing fine now. stella rose

  6. I wouldn't worry about that calf. Cows often "hide" their new babies in a safe spot and leave them there while they graze just the way deer do. Newborns are safe because they have no scent yet. The mom will come back and feed the calf every few hours and in a few days when the calf is stronger, it will join the herd.

    Lovely pictures Mary Ann, you have become quite the photographer. I'm amazed at all the birds you see, that kettle of vultures was really something.

  7. that does seem strange that the calf was by it's self

    I imagine that shop is one of those I need to keep out of :)

  8. Mary Ann,

    Great pictures! This shop looks like a cool place to visit.


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