Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Lot To Talk About

This is my father in law, Ralph Yoder. 

This is Ralph as a young soldier during the war, 
when he served with honor in Korea. 

Keith spent a month setting up a wonderful family reunion for us at Kaufman Stadium, and it included a tribute to his dad as a "Hometown Hero".  Ralph was overcome as the entire
stadium stood and clapped for him. 

It was amazing! 

Here is the Yoder/Sheets/Lamb/Banda/Higgins part of the clan... 

and there were another 8 or 10 folks there with us.  Keith's dad had been 
totally stunned. 

The food was great, and the suite lovely and COLD on the 97 degree day. 
We just wish Keith could have been there with us. 

This gives you some idea of the scope of the work at the old house.  
The septic tank was too near the well to pass inspection.  When we bought the house, an inspection was not necessary.  The tank has now been relocated across the driveway and hooked into the 
lateral lines there, which were still good. 

This is the old tank, before it was broken up and removed.  I was petrified the dogs were going to try to get down in there.  I was glad to see it go. 

This was the huge pile dug up for the new tank.  See why we couldn't have a pond at Calamity Acres? 

That's why so much dirt and rock had to be moved. 

The holes are all covered now, and where you see the green thing on the ground... is one of the two cleanouts on the top of the tank. 

We saw this guy on a pole this morning on the way to the old place.  The funny thing was, 
I saw him and then got out of the car to take the pictures.  He was FAR away from me, but they all came out surprisingly good. 

When we came back the other way...

He was way over in the middle of the pasture on a pole.  

Our happy boy is always glad to get to the old place and run in the morning. 

As is our big girl. 

We saw this little cutie on the way home, too....

And his tiny little friends, remember the one who got out? 

My favorite view, of course.  If you biggify this, you will see that things are starting to change.  

Fall will be here soon. 

Keith is still in the Cardiac ward at KU Med Center, we hope to 
have him home tomorrow or the next day. 


  1. Thanks to men like Mr. Yoder for fighting for our freedom. I'm sorry Keith could not attend. I'm sure his father was stunned. What a tremendous tribute to him.

  2. Sorry to hear about Keith! I hope he is doing better.
    Congratulations to you Father-in-law, I am sure he was
    What a big job at the old house!

    M : )

  3. The tribute to your FIL sounds wonderful. Hope Keith is back home with you soon!

  4. A wonderful tribute Mary Ann!
    Glad the septic is done! Lots of work.
    What was that big brown thing?

  5. What a wonderful tribute. Many times we over look those who have served our country so well.

    Hope Keith gets to come home soon.

  6. I do hope Keith can come home soon. What happened?

  7. What a wonderful tribute.So sorry Keith had to miss it. I'm hoping he will be home with you soon. That project at the old house was a major repair for sure. Life does just keep rolling on.

  8. i hope keith comes home soon. so sorry he missed the big event.

  9. That was such a great thing Keith did for his family, I know it was a day his dad will always remember. I will be glad when your old place is sold and you can relax, enjoy the chat last night....butch got to the hotel with only one phone call to me, and then he got to work fine this morning.....deb

  10. Mary Ann,

    Keeping Keith in my prayers!
    Please convey a big thank you to your FIL for his service from your friends, a military family in Oklahoma.

  11. I assume that you know that ponds can be lined with clay and/or membrane.


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