Monday, August 31, 2015

Turkeys on a Foggy Day

We awoke to heavy fog in Leavenworth County today. 

That's not last night's blood moon... that's this morning's sun. 

Here was the waning moon in the opposite sky, so visible, go figure, despite the fog. 

Here's the view from the deck at the old house... remember, I am taking several pictures of the 
ponds at the bottom of the hill every day... I am at about 9 months now.  

You could not see anything.  (except our overgrown pasture)

Lilly went with me this morning, but Jester decided to stay home. 
I've noticed that on chilly mornings, he likes to cuddle with Keith or curl up on the couch, 
rather than face the wet grass. 

I have been trying for weeks to have time to stop and take a picture of this beautiful scene. 
It's on a bridge over Stranger Creek, on Leavenworth Road, in Leavenworth County. 
There are caves in those rocks, dangerous caves that fill at high water times. 

When I showed this to Keith, he told me that emergency management has had to rescue numerous people who became trapped there. 

Those are granite cliffs. 

I literally went around a corner and saw this flock come boiling out of the high grass on the left.  I could tell there were a bunch of young birds. 

They ran acrosss the road and into the pasture on the other side... 

And then headed for the shelter of the woods...

I used to keep turkeys, and I love these birds. 

Oddly enough, we saw another group as we got closer to home! 

Turkeys are normally very nervous... when I stop the car is when they run... 
but this group must have decided I was okay and started eating again, though they were 
heading steadily for the trees. 

Our weather has turned from the balmy temps of last week, to 95 this afternoon, with 
heat expected all week.  


  1. I agree, that bridge and stream are beautiful and so peaceful ... of course the turkeys are the best!! Thanks

  2. yes, that is unusual for the turkeys not to take off, they have very keen eyes and can see any movement

  3. It's a hot week here too. High 80's most all week. We won't cool down till next Tuesday they say. Summer is giving us a last hurrah I guess. Turkeys are prevalent here too out in the country, but thankfully I've not seen any yet on the road. Most of the country roads I travel are 55 mph.

  4. So pretty. That fog monster scared us sometimes
    Lily & Edward

  5. That is a beautiful picture of those caves, on your trip mom will tell you about the time in Kentucky when hers got trapped in a cave, with 5 other stoopid peoples..................stella rose

  6. Mary Ann,

    Again gorgeous pictures, I love the creek pictures with the rocks.
    Hope you and Keith are well.


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