Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter's Day

This little girl was all excited about going to see 
the vet this morning for her dental: 

And I have thankfully just received a call from the vet's office that she came 
through the procedure fine, but with the loss of numerous teeth.  
We'll be discussing how to feed her when I pick her up at 2 PM. 

Here's our big girl in the snow this morning, grabbing her bone in the yard.  She threw it up in the air, 
over and over... the zero degree weather was not bothering her for long. 
She was glad to come in when we were finished, though. 

You can see my poor Butch took another beating.  I've fixed the hole in the dividing panel for the time being... when it's a little warmer, I'll run some new wire... If you look closely, you can see Buffy the Polish girl inside the bottom nest of the wooden nest box.  I think she was just staying warm. 

I walked up to open the gate for my trip to the vet with Abby... and I noticed something as I came back down the drive... do you see it? 

One foot is dragging regularly. 


The lifeblood of the farm... propane.  Our Mom-and-Pop company, KanGas... recently sold to 
Ferrelgas, which is a large distributor in this region.  However, the same good service happened... 
we called on Tuesday afternoon, and he was here by nine this morning, while I was out finishing up after taking Abby to the vet.  The truck reflects the new owner, as well as the number 
on the side, an 800 number now.  

For the first time this year, I did not let ANY chickens out because of the cold... however, this was 
last night... and here's why they were bunched up...

Abby had her steely eye on them!!!

Stay warm and safe, everyone! 


  1. how long does a propane tank like yours last? it is just starting to snow here and the bitterly cold weather arrives this evening!

  2. I forgot all about her surgery till just a few minutes ago!!! I am so glad everything went so well, what did they say about that bump on her foot? It is really really cold here today, and we got around 4-5 inches of snow. the roads are slick.

  3. Glad your pup is doing well, and all are staying warm. The temps are dropping to zero with more snow in the forecast here too... brrrr~~~~~

  4. Abby might be getting some special food for a few days while her little mouth heals up!
    We did not see a monster-- or was it a monster hose? What was dragging in all the snow?
    The snow is beautiful but tooo cold!
    So soon Abby comes home or is she home?
    stay warm- thank goodness the propane truck came

  5. I can't believe the VET stole your teeths! Hope you got them back so you can put them under your pillow

  6. Our chicks didn't leave the coop today either. And can you blame them? 1 degree outside! I just watched the news and they said Saturday is going to be worse. We're going into negative territory after Hercules passes us by. Gak, is it spring yet??!!

  7. Glad your gas company is still taking care of you and all your creatures!!

  8. I was hoping that it would be warming up a bit there. That would mean that it would eventually warm up here. No such luck for either of us. Stay warm and be careful out there.

  9. I'm so happy she did good with the procedure.

    We have propane too. If we run the electric heat, we need to sell a kidney to pay the bill.

  10. Stay warm!
    I think we may get a bit more
    of the white stuff.

    Take care!

    M : )

  11. Awww, poor Butch! What a he a Japanese Bantam? Such plucky little birds. I love them.

  12. Glad to see your nice farm .Those look well behaved.

    Clipping Path

  13. Hope Abby's ok after her dental! Stay warm and safe :-)

  14. Thank heavens for propane! Dentals are always stressful, glad it was OK though. Everyone looks OK, and hopefully you are getting a wee break in the cold? It's warmed up a bit here but now everything has turned to ice. The joys of winter!

  15. I am trying to stay dry here in the UK!


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