Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oh. My. Goodness. It's Cold out There!

I spilled some water as I was going out the door this morning to water the ducks. 
It froze almost instantly. 

For the first time, including the two polar vortex days... I couldn't get the low water fortex 
 I leave for the ducks overnight to come loose from the ground.  Usually, I take a hammer, hammer the sides around the bottom, and then rock it loose.  Then I lift it (it's heavy!) and drop it on it's sides to break the ice out of it.  
I could not get it loose, no matter where and how I hammered.  

I finally poured warm water over it, in hopes of getting it loose later today. 
The ducks had warm water in the deep fortex next to this one, and water in the fortex out 
in the pasture.  I notice they are laying low this morning, however. 

As were these guys. 

Gratuitous cute closeup. 
My hand was totally frozen trying to operate the camera. 

There is a chick warming light on in their barn. 

My intrepid helper came out in the chilling cold.  She didn't realize it, but about 3 seconds before I took this, Buddy the Rooster was getting ready to put a beak imprint on her behind.  Can you tell there are two starlings trapped in the closed henhouse?  Look at the waterer, and you should be able to.  That's what they do. 
I just changed out water, but that fountain had almost frozen... I have a spare I'll fill and take out in a bit... and this one will come in (ugh) to thaw out.  It's a constant back and forth. 

Here's the kicker: 

Keith called at 9 or so from Salina, where he has gone for a meeting today. 
He told me the Topeka station to which he listens in his truck said that the temps will be 48 tomorrow! 


It's 7 out right now, up from 4. 

I know we are not alone... people across the eastern half of the country are suffering terribly in this weather, and my heart goes out to you all. 

There is a lot of pouting going on, but I did not let either flock out today.  Just too dangerous in this weather, despite the sun. 

And the smart ones were vying for position under the warming lights. 

And our girl was back down in the middle of the pasture, checking things out.  I still think something is lurking... waiting for an opportunity. 

Everyone try to stay warm! 


  1. Lily knows something is going on doesn't she. Please stay warm and safe when you are out doing chores.
    stella rose and momma

  2. You are an angel to take such good care of your critters.

  3. Mom Kim here - Doncha just love this Kansas weather? I am surprised we all don't have pneumonia or something - actually I do have the something that I have been trying to stave off for about a month. There are a lot of people that have some kind of crud that just hangs around - gets a little better then a little worse then better then worse then ..... You will likely be ok - I noticed that when I was younger and the family lived on 20 acres out by Perry - we didn't get sick near as much as the "city folk". I am looking forward to late May - that just might be the end of the threat of cold weather. Like you said, I feel for those in the northeast region of the US - so much of that white stuff. Maybe you can thaw out tomorrow?
    Gotta get bak to work :(
    Mom Kim

  4. Glad everyone has a place to keep warm. I wouldn't want to be outside much either in that cold. Glad you are getting warmer. We may even go up into the 20's.

  5. I hope Lilly growls real loud and scares away whatever is lurking out there.
    And pouty chickens,, they would count their blessings if only they knew how cold it was outside!

  6. Your goats look so happy in the sun! And reading this post has reminded me to go let the back porch faucet drip tonight. We're getting even colder tonight.

  7. Oh my gosh, FREEZING!!! I'm getting tired of frozen water bowls, absolutely. Stay warm, my friend! Thank you for all the lovely pictures.

  8. Oh my goodness that's cold! Those cute goats sure do warm the heart though :-) Stay warm and safe!

  9. Up, down, up, down. It seems to me it has been this way more than usual this winter. Maybe because I'm home to notice it more? Water for the cats freezes quickly, maybe I need to get one of the heated buckets? Enjoyed all your pictures.

  10. Love all the pictures especially your goaties, your whole goatie set up area is awesome! :) They look so happy :)


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