Monday, January 27, 2014


Here comes Polar Vortex II yesterday afternoon... it went from 53 to 23 in about 30 minutes. 
This actual cloud formation was in a "v"... but my phone would not show the whole thing. 
Keith had the camera with him, visiting little Brynn. 

Our little redhead has had an ear infection. 

Here are the ducks this morning, cowering in the corner of the big henhouse. 
They hate being in.  
I hated catching them in the strong winds and cold last night. 
I was not liking ducks at that point. 
They are in until Wednesday morning. 

 Traumatized chickens in the other corner. 

The rest were on top of the closet... not coming down on the floor with those ducks, NO WAY. 

One of these electric lines is going to a warming light on this side... and the other, to the light on the other side.  Jury-rigged, as usual, from the only working outlet.

The henspa flock was busy yesterday afternoon in the yard... happy to be outside.
No one came out today. 

This last picture shows you the usual position of the chickens I showed you sunning themselves in the henspa yard in yesterday's post... you see them as they regularly are... sunning under the warming lamp! 

  We are behind on precipitation here... not dangerously so yet... but behind. 
But I also have to admit I am so glad we are not struggling with the epic snows so many of you have had.  Our temps are going to upper thirties for highs this week... and we do have 51 more days of winter! 

Stay Warm!


  1. Gosh,, the changing weather patterns is a little alarming! Here you go again- dipping into the cold!

    We usually have lots of rain,,, we have had none for a long time.. but a few sprinkles are falling.. the weather people said rain clouds over the ocean. Maybe if we get some rain- it will go your way-- and warm your part of the world a litte..
    Keith and the little red head is an adorable photo!

  2. Stay warm! It is not supposed to be as cold with this front as with the last one here in south Texas!
    Brynn is adorable. I hope she feels better soon.

  3. I think those chickens have the right idea. A heat light might feel pretty good right now.

  4. You have to feel sorry for the poor critters! I'm sure they are loving the heating lamp. I noticed my neighbor has her hen house doors closed and is keeping hers inside during these extreme below zero temps we've been having. We are snow covered with ice under that. School has barely been in session since Christmas vacation! This has been a year!

  5. Your critters are so blessed to have you looking after them. They may not like it but at least they'll stay warm. Isn't that like life we often do not like what is good for us. The BIG freeze will be with us through tomorrow and then we'll warm up in the 30's too by the weekend. At least that is what the weather men are saying. Sunny here but a minus 11 when I got up

  6. I hope Brynn starts to feel better. Piper has also had two bouts of it. I am also sick of the cold. This morning it says -4 was even to cold for the kids to go to school yesterday, and the wind was bad. Mom misses those walks she took us on.
    stella rose

  7. What a little cutie pie. It looks cold outside

  8. Your Silkies are adorable. I wish I had that color. Everything looks ready for a long winter.

  9. Your hens are lucky...that heat lamp looks cozy! Wish I had one of those...for me! :) Spring can come any time soon, and the Polar Vortex can leave any time!

  10. We were under a fire ban last week. But, during the 2nd day of snow, the hubby went ahead and burned our debris pile.


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