Monday, January 13, 2014

Going Down for the Count

Well, all these days of visits to the hospitals and nursing homes... and I think they are taking their toll on me. 
Sore throat, aches and pains... despite my getting a flu shot last week. 
I understand there is a second type of flu virulent in Kansas now. 
Not good. 

So far, I am not completely down, just worn out. 

How NOT to feed a flake of hay to your goats. 

These two little girls love their hay, but you can see from the ground that a lot is being wasted. 
I usually bring two flakes in the morning, and put one in the feeder. 
I set the other one down, intending to split it between the trough and the feeder... and this happens. 
I let them have it this morning, and yes, most ended up on the ground. 

And in fact, Kelly jumped out of the trough and joined them at the "hay stool". 

When I walked into the old henhouse this morning, I saw a red head tucked down in the nursing cage. 
I have been getting one or two eggs from there daily. 
You see, there are three two year old girls in there who SHOULD be laying, but one is not. 
The other two do not lay daily. 
Today was a stellar day, which I will show you below. 

Here are the beautiful eggs I got from there. 
The two brown from two red hens.  The green from Chatterbox, the Ameracauna, and 
the white from Buffy, the Polish. 

And this is the nursing cage that I often write about... it has served to isolate hurt and sick birds, and as a chick brooder.  This is also the cage that a snake got into with eight chicks one night, leaving me only 3 survivors the next day. 

I put Butch in here when I need to protect him. 

In the closet there is an old cut-down ammunition box I got somewhere, and the hens love to lay in it. 
A red hen and Buffy laid their eggs here. 

What a difference from last week's below zero weather!  You see the wild birds have deserted us for greener pastures, giving me a little break on Back Yard Blend.  I have just remembered, seeing this picture, that I'll have to put out a new cake of suet tomorrow, too. 
Three red hens were still out pecking around as I went to get the mail late this afternoon, 
and the whole flock had had two hours of freedom. 
Ten eggs... TEN from the henspa today.  Not many.  

Everyone be careful out there! 


  1. Hi Mary Ann
    Oh no! You can't be getting the flu!!! This can't be! Your right- I think your exhaugsted and will catch stuff!
    I see sunshine and blue skys in your post. Thats a good thing,, and I think all the animals are happy about it.
    Our donkeys used to waste hay all the time-- so ungrateful they were.
    Hope you get to feeling better

  2. Mary Ann,

    With going to the hospital, you were probably exposed to someone who had or cold virus or flu plus you're tired, your resistance is probably down. I hope you're able to nip this in the bud with getting rest, drinking plenty of fluids, maybe taking vitamins??

    It's so pretty out, what a difference a couple of days makes with the weather. I'm not going to get all excited about the weather because I hear we are to expect more cold temperatures.

    Feel better my friend, still have you and your family in my prayers.
    Sending hugs to you both,

  3. Oh those girls are so cute. Hope you do t get the sickies

  4. Sorry you are sick - I hope you feel better soon. Love the little goats! My hens should be laying too - but, in winter in Wisconsin, I usually don't expect too much. I use those ammo boxes and old fruit wood boxes too. I put them on their side on top of the row of "nesting cages" the chickens love to sit on top of them and in them.

  5. I hope you can get some rest and feel better soon. Your busy days are taking their toll.

  6. So far, so good. No flu or illness at our house.

    Load up on Vitamin C and whatever else is suppose to be good for your immune system. sister and her boyfriend said that they had a friend who had titanium screws put into her shoulder. They said the lady never gets sick any more. So I tell them I hope that works with the new titanium dental implant I just got. Personally, I think my sister and her boyfriend are both a little wacky.

    Please get to feeling better.

  7. Mary Ann, Please be sure to take some time to care for yourself. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. I know you have to be worn out physically and emotionally. You have had a very challenging week!!! Now, take care of yourself, and get some rest!
    stella rose and momma

  9. I hope you feel better, you have had a lot on your plate and then with all of that very, cold weather I bet you are just worn out.
    I hope you can take some time to take care of you.

  10. Hope you're feeling better. It seems like this winter has been so hard on everyone.


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