Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Cold Start to the New Year

I should NOT be complaining.  

I just read Donna's post at "Our Forest Haven" and it was 
35 degrees (Fahrenheit) BELOW zero in Ontario today. 
I salute you!  I do not know if I could cope with it at 
this stage of my life. 

Oh... and they found Bigfoot trail on their 

:Thank you for bringing us some warm water this morning, Maa Maa."

"You're welcome, Winnie" 

The thermometer said 25, but I did not let the old henhouse 14 out this morning. 
You see the producing girls ganged up at the door, expecting me to open it... but 
it would have invited the starlings in by the score.  You see their handiwork on the sides of the drywall.., remember, this was a little building used by the pickers here at the strawberry farm before it was a henhouse.  They sulked. 

What's left of the bantams in this house were up in the rafter, Black Tail the hen, and the 
three elderly roosters. 

The sun struggled to come through, to no avail, so we will miss the historic full moon of January 1. 

But the Northern Flicker's visit cheered me up! 

Well, it's 6:03 PM and I have just spent fifteen minutes looking for the pictures I took this afternoon.  They are imported, but I cannot figure out where the camera program for the Canon put 1/1/14.  

It is snowing out, and now is iffy if Abby will make it to her appointment for her dental tomorrow, as I may not be able to get the HHR out of the driveway early, even with 2 inches of snow. 
The camera picture above is from the Wildgame critter cam... and the above pictures were taken 
today, but for some reason, my camera reads the morning picture's as yesterday's.  

If I find those pictueres, I'll add to this post!  

Everyone stay warm! 


  1. Maybe you could put a thermometer in the chicken house and the chickens would know its too cold to go outside!
    Its just too cold!
    Be safe and stay warm too

  2. it's very cold and snowy here. Been snowing for a few days and it's to cold for any to melt. They say we could add up to 7 more inches before the end of the week. I don't think I could take that 35 below temps either. Thankful for the upper teens we had today.

  3. Here you are putting warm water in your water containers...and here I am on the other side of the world putting ice in the new chicks' water so they don't over heat. I will send you some hot weather if you will send me some snow!Kim-Australia

  4. we are going down to -15 tonight. the snow starts at noon today. i love this weather!

  5. We're getting the snow today as well, and the cold temps tomorrow. Time to batten down the hatches....

  6. Happy New Year, hope 2014 brings you a little respite from the cold!

  7. I'll have to make it over to Donna's site.

    I was out a few extra days cause the family stayed longer.

    I was walking around without a jacket at 11 PM last night.......

  8. LOL did you see that news story this morning that some guy killed BigFoot? Obviously not the one here, he's safe. ;) Winter has started off pretty cold everywhere. I'm glad your girls look OK - that's what matters, getting the critters through the cold! :) The goatie girls are so sweet :) You be careful too! Looking forward to warmer weather chores again when things are easier :)


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