Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Descending Into the Cold

We started our day out with some lovely green treats from the mountains of 
They had been in water since we got them before Christmas, and 
the goats really enjoyed them... thanks, Tweedles! 

Lil has gone to this same spot in the pasture two days in a row. 
She goes on point... then stands and stares.  I got her just after she put the pointing foot down. 
(and "Bob" Spehar was no where in sight!) 

Then the stare at the bottom of the pasture...

But this is the one that worried me... she turned to stare into the copse of woods at the foot of the pasture... from whence all the predators come. 
I have a feeling that one of them has been lurking down there, and Lilly Ann knows it, and as I said, this is the second day for this. 
You see the ducks are undisturbed, though, and all slept soundly until Lil came back up past them, then they settled down again. 

This little guy, Rooster One, is now taking the brunt of the Elvi, since Butch is gone. 
You can't tell from this picture, but he has damage to the points of his comb, and for the first time, his wattles.  Both look bad and this damage is caused by the cold, not fighting. 
I found him outside this afternoon, as the temps were dropping.  He was not making an effort to go in the pophole... because the young boys were lurking in there.  I finally tried to catch him, and drove him in. 
I went inside to make sure he had made it safely into the rafters.  No one is going outside tomorrow, because we are getting up to only 14 degrees as a high. 

The ducks are out, Keith and I consulted and decided to leave them where they can bed down in the deep hay/straw bed, or in the duck house. 

The goats are tucked safely in their warm barn with the light on... and plenty to eat. 

Don't forget US, Maa Maa! 

Go back to bed, girls! 

Everyone stay warm! 


  1. It is always a nice feeling to know all the animals are snug in their pens, barns, sheds, and you can relax again after another busy day watching and caring for them, knowing all is well tonight.

  2. I was so hoping to hear your weather was warming up as that would mean that ours is going to. Sigh. I hope you and your brothers are feeling better. Stay warm.

  3. Your goats are so adorable. They do have those nice thick coats to keep them warm too. We are still in the deep freeze here. This cold January weather seems to be hanging around forever...I'm looking forward to February and maybe some more normal temps. Your picture of Lil in the pasture with the ducks and the blue sky makes one think spring may be on the way. Keep warm!

  4. Mary Ann,

    Dogs are very wise and attuned when some critter or person has been lingering around. Be careful!!!

    It's so cold this morning, stay warm.

  5. Good dog Lilly Ann! They certainly talk to us when we will stop and listen. Posting this on the morning of the 23rd, it's 29 degrees and falling, with high winds, brrrrrr! It has been a cold winter everywhere, bundle up!

  6. She's a good guard dog.

    It's going to be miserably cold here this weekend too. Dropping into the low teens tonight.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  7. it is freezing here too! and we are about to get even colder!!! stay warm!

  8. No doubt Lilly Ann knows, she's a very good guard and caretaker. Someone is looking happy in their cozy barn :)


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