Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Winter's Day

The old henyard is looking pretty depressing again, after a week of sub-zero temps. 
The ducks are NOT happy. 
They are eating feed, but they are not happy about not going out into the pasture. 
Tomorrow, they go. 

I was gone all day today again. 

You see that I made them a barricade from the north wind, but in truth...
they are sleeping here:

On the south side of the henhouse, in the bed of prairie hay and straw I put there for them. If you look at the tree in the middle, you'll see Cinnamon and Spice. 

They did go in the "duck house"... the large doghouse you see in the top picture, which was made for our former ducks... on the nights when it started to plunge.  That's why I put the bales of straw there, for a windbreak. 

This plucky little girl, Abby... is feeling so much better after her dental procedure last week. The vet had told me before Christmas that he felt she was being made sick by the bad teeth... and I can tell you that she has been full of vinegar after the teeth came out (5).  One was very badly infected.  She has taken all her 
antibiotics, and you see she is eager to get back to the business of being the Associate Protector of Us All. 

I did not let the birds out of the henhouse today because it was still cold this morning, though for the next five days we are going to the 40's! 

Here's the other reason the birds from the old henhouse were not released:

And the ducks were not let out in the pasture. 
I got the binocs out, and I believe it is an owl. 
A big owl.  I saw his head swivel around to look behind him. 

He was there again this afternoon when I got home from the hospital. 

A better shot of the buds, and the clearing skies. 
However, we are under a winter advisory until morning, because of a wintry mix of rain/snow. 

THEN the forties for the next few days. 

But sunset tonight was beautiful, and I have had time these last few days to look at seed catalogs while sitting with my brother, and decide what to fill those beds in this picture this year. 

I apologize for not getting around to everyone's blogs... I'll try to do so tomorrow... 

Thanks from my heart for all your comments. 


  1. The sunset is pretty, and the weather is so nuts with the up and down temps. Sure does look like an Owl looking for a bite to eat probably! I am so glad Abby is feeling better!!! Dental's are so scary but once they go well everyone feels better. :)

  2. Even the hens are hiding. Don't blame them

  3. Beautiful sunset! So glad you are able to be with your brother; such a blessing for both of you.

  4. Your visitor in the tree was probably waiting for your birds to come out.
    Abby will be so full of energy now that she has had bad teeth removed and has taken all of her meds.
    I love this beautiful sunset, the colors are so dramatic.

  5. Such beautiful photos you always share,, and you tell the best stories! We love to come and see whats happening,,
    We love seeing all your animals that you love so much and take good care of.
    Buds on the tree - how beautiful... you painted us a story with hope.
    We hope you find the seeds you are lookng for,, and we are sending you lots of love!

  6. Beautiful sunset photo. Did you have hoarfrost this morning? The trees, bushes and every sprig of weed was just beautiful even without the sun shining on it. Glad Abby is feeling better. Larry took one of our black cats to the vet this morning and he is sleeping inside tonight. Didn't sound like a respiratory thing but he sure is sick.

  7. Oh, I love those snow pictures. We're sweltering here in the middle of our Aussie summer. I think I'm suffering with snow-envy.
    Happy New Year. :)

  8. I do so enjoy your sunset pictures. From my house the view of the setting sun is blocked by other houses in the neighborhood. You are blessed to live in the country. We too are to get in the 40's this weekend but only for a couple of days. I do love a January thaw.

  9. Don't worry about the blogs, your brothers are more important.

    I'm hoping they both get well soon.

    Am glad to hear it's going to warm up for you somewhat.

    Take care,


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