Saturday, January 25, 2014

Catching Up on Saturday Night

I never got a chance to post yesterday, I was so busy during the day with Paiton, 
youngest granddaughter on my side. 

You might say Paiton came loaded for bear. 

She brought many of her stuffies... as witnessed by this pileup on the couch. 
She came with one sack, but I'm an enabler, and she needed two to take the all home. 

She helped keep an eye on the wild bird feeding station... and she helped me spot the male cardinals.  At one point, there were six out there!  Can you spot the cardinal peeking at us in this picture? 

I present to you one of the hazards of dealing with frozen fortexes.  I lost my grip on the duck bowl and slammed it down my leg.  It hurts. 

At midday, we knocked off our work and went to a movie.  We saw "The Nut Job".  Grandma cried. 
Take your kids/grandkids to see it. 

When we got home, we went out to get the eggs from the henspa.  This is as far as Paiton goes. 
Dogs, she loves.  Chickens... not so much. 

Nothing would constrain her to come in and help me look for eggs. 
However, she DID have a crowing contest with one of the roosters who called back to her. 

Not to be left out, I had a new sweatshirt for brother Jaxton when they came to pick Paitie up. 
However.. I miscalculated... a little.  It told him to let big brother Jacob wear it for a while!

For the last several days, I have been cutting up a head of romaine lettuce and giving it to the ducks.  I can't even tell you how eagerly they tear into it! 
Donald stands back and lets the girls have at it as soon as I drop it. 

We are going to catch them tomorrow afternoon as we did two weeks ago, and put them in for two days. 
They won't be happy, but they'll live as our temperatures drop below zero again for two days. 

The white things that you see speckling the ground and ramp behind them are starling droppings.  I have to go out and put food out for the ducks several times a day, because the starlings flock down and eat and drink everything. 

Last night's sunset was gorgeous! 

If you have a minute, watch this whole little video in it's entirety... and there's a surprise at the end!


  1. It's nice that you get to see your grandkids, many folks rarely do, and some NEVER have. Incidentally, I enjoy ALL your pictures, but that sunset is a reminder that we receive "natural" blessings even in horrible weather.

  2. We watched the little movie and heard the rooster crowing! And Paiton did a very good job too!
    Gosh,, hope your leg heals okay- it looks like it really hurts.
    Very beautiful sunset!

  3. Loved the look on Paiton's face when the rooster crowed. Sorry you have an owie.

  4. Your little helper is just too cute! That video had me smiling away. Stay safe and as warm as possible, hope your leg doesn't bruise too much :-(

  5. How cute your granddaughter is and also her brother. Kids do warm our hearts for sure. It's going back in the deep freeze here too. From now thru Wednesday I think I just stay indoors. Your sunset picture is brilliant!

  6. Way too much fun at your house this weekend!
    The crowing was too funny.

    Take care of your leg.

    M :)

  7. Adorable Grandbabies!! Bet they love coming to your farm!!

  8. Mary Ann,

    Ouch, your poor chin!

    Grand kids are so much fun, you get to spoil them and send them home for their own parents to deal with them, lol
    What a cute video :-)

  9. Looks like someone had fun! :) I'm so sorry about the scrape, OUCH!! I bet it hurts like heck. Not fun. The sunset is absolutely gorgeous, what a great shot of your place :)

  10. She's one cute little girl. Love the video.

    Ouch, that did hurt. You should see the crease in my head!


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