Friday, January 10, 2014

The Big Thaw is Coming

Or wait, maybe I meant the big FOG. 

If you look in the middle, you'll see the owl on his perch, watching and waiting. 

The ducks, who had been kept in for five days, got right to it as they were let loose in the pasture. 
Even Donald could not just stand there and watch out for the girls, they began pulling up grass, etc. as fast as they could. 
No, they weren't starved, they just prefer the pasture grasses. 

Our cover over the new henyard is a little the worse for wear.  You might remember we had to drop it last winter when we got heavy snow.  It has pulled away from the building, so I am finding small birds in the yard, which we covered to protect from the starling hordes.  
However... I am not as concerned now, and I figure we'll pull it closer to the building once the snow in it has melted this weekend.  It has done a GREAT job for a year and a half. 

These girls have only been out once in the last week, so I hope to get them outside for a while tomorrow. 
We were expecting freezing rain this morning... which materialized as fog. 

There are going to be some slick spots tomorrow, though, as we have had thawing all day, and I expect re-freezing tonight. 

Rooster Larry in the new henhouse shows signs of cold damage to his comb.  Mediterranean breeds, especially, were not bred for these cold temperatures we have been having lately.  The points can actually fall off. 
He is fine otherwise. 

I thought these guys were getting tired of being in their pen, too... but when I threw the gate open today, there was not exactly a stampede to get out.  
They did go out in the pasture for a while and wander around, and then back to the pen.  
As you see, we have some wastage of hay, but that's a small price to pay for healthy, happy goats. 
(Kelly was standing practically UNDER me, so is not in the picture). 
Their light has now been turned off, we are having better temps for the next five days. 

Farm Assistant Abby, helping me this afternoon!

Everyone stay safe out there! 


  1. rain starts tonight here and we will have milder temps but i just read that more arctic air is headed this way the following week! i will be more vigilant about my pipes next time around!

  2. Guess you might end up with a rose combed rooster! (I think that's what they're called.)

  3. Hopefully we will have some sun tomorrow!
    We were out for a bit this evening ajd it was
    misting, might as well be raining.

    Enjoy our warm temps this weekend.

    M : )

  4. We have had fog for the last two days also, but when it cleared we made it up to 60! I was told, when I first started in goats, if there is not some leftovers, you are not feeding enough. So now you know you are doing it right, lol!

  5. Just think of the excitement to happen when everything really thaws and grasses start growing,,, all your animals will be stampeding to that new grass!
    Your camera takes some very nice pictures,,, I like the one of Abby walking,,, good motion,.

  6. Our snow and Ice are melting here. You can once again see the walks and drive way that had been packed snow and ice. Hope your critters all enjoy the warmer weather. We'll be getting lots of rain tomorrow they say. We don't get much fog here in town but the news reports have said that it is here too. All that moisture has to go somewhere. Hope you have a super Saturday!

  7. Hope the big thaw comes safely and gradually for you! Those goats are just too cute, they always make me smile :-) Wishing you a happy weekend!

  8. Our horses always act like they are starving.

    I'm glad that you were on the downside of that ice and snow.


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