Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Still sick with this cold, my friends... for almost a week now. 
Can't seem to shake it, or the feeling of being exhausted. 

Just some vignettes today from around the place, because, despite a cold... the chores must go on. 
We had very strong, gusting winds last night, but a blessing today, as they had died down by morning. 

5 degrees at morning chore time. 
13 at noon when I checked on waters and refilled...

23 at 4:07, when I went out the door to do evening chores. 
I still will take a bucket of warm water to the goats at almost-dark... and dump all the waters except that one so that they are not frozen solid in the morning. 

Aaaahhhhh that first taste of warm water after a cold night. 
We turned on the light in the goat barn, as it got down so low.  Sunday it got up to 65, and Monday, to 45.  
God is playing games with us. 

The ducks have their duck house, with it's baffle of straw bales to prevent the wind... but they are still sleeping in their deep bed of prairie hay and straw... and here's proof. 

Rooster Moe's tail feathers were blowing in the wind yesterday afternoon. 

And the ducks had to say goodbye to swimming for a few days, as we are going down to zero tomorrow night... and they may be spending the night inside. 

In all things, my Helper waits for me.  She won't be going out in the bitter cold, though... Keith and I decided two weeks ago that we won't expose even the dogs to the bitterness. 

However, these guys spent a long time in the pasture today. 

It's good to see that the goats have gotten used to being goats, and not yard dogs. 
I move that water fortex constantly all day, because the starlings keep emptying it. 

Before I poured the fresh water in... I wanted you to see these two fortexes.  They are in the old henyard, and this is why I go out four or five times a day on cold days.  The short fortex is totally empty... and the large one... is down as far as a starling can hold onto the sides and drink.  You see the ring of poop on the ground.... I filled both for the ducks who are ever-grateful. 

By the time I typed this, however, I have already been out to upend everything outside... except for the low fortex on the right, in case the ducks want a late drink.  It will be frozen solid by morning. 

Here is Lil doing her job this morning... can you see Bob Spehar over on the other ridge, beyond the ponds? 
Bob was barking desultorily at Lil, who was in high dudgeon. 
Bob, I am sure, was having a laugh. 

Several of you have asked about my brothers.  One, the younger of the two, came home 
from the hospital yesterday.  He has had the first of his chemo treatments for cancer. 
He will have another barrage in 3 weeks. 

The other, the eldest, has senile dementia, and was released to a nursing home that 
has not proved to be very satisfactory.  His wife is working on getting him transferred, or home.  
For now, I can see neither, as one is in a fragile condition and the other also does not need to be infected with these cold germs.  I am staying in touch with their families and praying daily for them, and I humbly ask all of you to remember them in your prayers, as well, and you have my sincere thanks. 


  1. your brothers are in my thoughts and i am sending them good energy. what a tough time for you! hang strong!

  2. Sorry to hear about your cold. I came down with one over the weekend too! I am so glad we don't have your cold weather here!
    Warm blessings,

  3. I guess your ready for another cold night,,, we heard about it on tv,
    We keep hoping your cold will get better- you must be so miserable.-- and yet caring for all your animals.
    We are remembering your brothers and all of you in our thoughts,,and prayers

  4. The news just said our highs today will be right around 10 degrees so I can so relate to your cold weather. Thankfully I do not need to go out in it. Your daily chores keep you out in the weather quite a bit. I hope you get over that terrible cold soon. I will keep your brothers in my prayers as well as their families. It's a hard time for both of them.

  5. Sorry to here your getting the cold too, here it is friggin freezing, -40 with the windchill.....hope the animals stay warm and cozy.......keeping your Brothers in my prayers, Blessings Francine.

  6. Hopefully you will get rid of those sickies. The nutty weather doesn't help

  7. Mary Ann,

    Sending prayers for your speedy recovery, and for both of your brothers.

  8. It will be in the low teens for us tonight.

    Get well, take care. Of course am sending prayers to all of you.

  9. Keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

  10. the wind has picked up here today really bad, so now it is very cold outside. Our hugs and prayers to you!
    stella rose

  11. I can even image being sick on top of winter chores. Please take good care of yourself. Good idea to stay away from others for a while longer. Make yourself se chicken soup and dream of better days.

  12. Sorry to hear that you are still fighting the bug!
    Prayer for you family!

    M :)

  13. Poor animals in the cold weather


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