Saturday, January 11, 2014

Short and Sweet

Saturday night, and I'll keep this short and sweet. 

I still have not had a chance to catch up on your blogs, what with going back and forth to hospital and nursing home, and trying to get things done here.  I promise I will sometime tomorrow. 
I thank you for all your comments! 

Maa Maa... we want OUT! 

They got out, for the second time in about two weeks... since most of the snow has melted in the pasture. 
I throw the gate open, and they have the run of the three acre pasture, but I have yet to see them go down more than the middle.  I'm glad in a way, because I am afraid of a predator darting out from under the bottom fenceline.  I'm going to have to block that passage. 

The good brome hay matters more to them than the feed I've been giving them, but you couldn't prove that by Kelly's rotund belly. 
They'll be on diets in the spring. 

Now that the snow mostly melted, can you tell where the septic tank is? 
It's leaking again.  We need to wait until real spring to take care of it. 

Today, I finally took down our manger set, the Nativity Scene, and packed it away.  There was not room for the angel you see here on the sideboard, so I am going to get a special container for her.  I wanted you all to see the Christmas tree that a volunteer made at the Bingham-Waggoner mansion this year. 
I think I should have turned it so you could see the button on the spool.  The point is, she makes a Christmas tree of some kind every year, and stupid me cut the tag off that said "2013 Christmas Tree) that was tied to it until today, because I thought it was a sale tag I missed.  That is why you see tape under the candlestick. 

I am going to try to make a few of these next year.  Ho Ho Ho. 

Tweedles, do you see your greens are still here? 

Earlier this afternoon, I was out doing chores in the old henhouse.  Buffy the Polish girl and Butch were on the feed room side, where they live.  I left the connecting door open for a minute while I carried the water bucket in, and I noticed that Buffy went through to the coop side. I was not too concerned because she does like to go out once in a while. 
Then I forgot about it. 

I went to church at 4 PM.  I came home from church with light still in the sky... what a pleasure... and talked to Keith for a few minutes, as I had hardly seen him all day. 

I went out to do evening chores... and thank HEAVENS I decided to give the ducks some fresh water and feed. 
I caught a movement, a slight movement... and saw this. 
Can you see her? 

You can see how dark it was getting. 
She didn't know where to go.  Didn't have a clue.  I watched her crouch there, trying to figure out what to do. 
It was almost dark. 
She wasn't hurt... just lost. 
So, I think her days of going out are over. 
She needs her beak trimmed again, too... every three weeks now. 
And I'm going to try to trim a little of the feathers around her eyes. 
I picked her up and carried her in and set her down by her buddy. 

We are having a respite from the cold here for the next few days, with temps going possibly to fifty tomorrow. 
We are in the Season of Mud! 

Everyone have a great Sunday! 


  1. Its so wonderful to come see your happy animals! And to see some of the cold going away.
    I do see the forest greens- yes- I do!

  2. Everybody looks like they are doing well. Happy for the respite I am sure.
    Have a great Sunday!

  3. It is wonderful to have a little break in the weather. Hope you'll soon be able to slow down a bit.

  4. Sorry MaryAnn that you had to travel back & forth, as that is tiring for a person. You sure do not have the amt of snow we doo here. I also know what is like to have animals escape, a few times more then I care to think about..

  5. Oh how innocent that goat looks. Too cute.

    I'm glad the hen has you to take good care of her.

    I kept some of our XMAS stuff, but we sold a bunch of it a couple of years ago. I need to sell the rest of the stuff we have in our enclosed trailer.


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