Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wind and Colds

(Taken as I stepped outside the henspa two nights ago!) 

VERY windy outside today, gusting to the thirties and forties, according to our 
forecaster.  I can tell you it's pushng me to go out in it. 

Keith and I are both down with colds.  He managed to struggle out of here 
to a meeting in Topeka this morning, but I had to call off 
lunch plans with a friend.  Just.Too.Beat. 

Taking lots of cold medicine, and making a chicken/noodle casserole for dinner, I hope. 

The skirts on the hens are blowing in the wind today, too. 

Despite the wind, the chickens were glad to get out of the old henhouse this morning.  It's quite "warm" out... up to 48, according to the thermometer... but the winds make it feel much colder. 
We are supposed to drop tonight and Friday, and then warm up this weekend. 

The weatherman said last night that we are still below the moisture needed for our trees and plants to 
thrive this year, and suggested that Sunday, with temps in the 60's, might be a good day to 
do some watering.  I think I'm going to hitch the Express up and carry some buckets of 
water to the apple and pear trees. 

IF I can stand up for a while by then! 

I notice that the Pinterest boards are now exploding with wonderful gardening hints and advice, so 
they are a pleasure to peruse.  I am not pinning as much as I used to... but I enjoy sitting and reading 
the gardening information when I have a few minutes. 

My helper was on the job this morning, and located a big green duck egg for me. 

And then waited for me while I filled the duck's pool for them. 

Lilly Ann had just seen her mortal enemy, a red squirrel, go up and over the fence into the pasture. Unfortunately, I was about to let the goats loose, and could not let her go down there.  She looks a little piqued.  
The baby girl goats torment her terribly... and I just don't let them near her anymore. 

Abby continues to improve daily from her tooth extraction.  She was chasing leaves in the wind around the patio, when I stopped her to try to get a picture... she did not have this pep before the procedure.  We are so glad we had it done! 

You can see that it's getting cloudier out now.  

I wonder if any of you have had experience using mint to keep mice out of your chicken house?  Did it work? 
Did you plant it around the perimeters? 
I know mint is invasive, but I have a bed of spearmint near our front steps and I would love to move it nearer the henhouses.  I just would like to talk to someone who has actually used it, in next boxes or 
near their coops. 

And speaking of coops... I am going to ask Keith if he would help me with this:

(from Pinterest)

I would like to have a lightweight box that I can use to brood about five replacement chicks this spring in the 
henspa.  It would need to be about this size, but made lighter, with hardware cloth walls and one by ones for corners.  I can see Keith laughing at me now.  
I think there are too many chicks in the above box, but I am thinking maybe five pullets. 
It would need to be easy to get in and out of, so I can water and feed easily... oh, and keep snakes out.  We don't have much of a snake problem in there, but the peeps of chicks would bring them running. 

I'm going to have to stop now and rest... I need more Nyquil! 

Everyone stay HEALTHY out there! 


  1. Oh, dear.
    Sorry to read about you and Keith being sick. No fun!!!
    Hope you get feeling better soon!!

    I've grown mint next to my back door, with great success. No mice.
    But, then again.. I'm not sure if we ever had any to worry about.
    I plant all my invasive plants inside of a large plastic garden pot with the bottoms cut out.
    Works like a charm.

    Take care of you :)

  2. hens were great mousers....yours need to take lessons from mine.

    Mint smells good when you mow it. Have it in the yard and it's not been able to take over cause the grass is too thick.

    I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Some bad germs are on the loose right now.

    Take care,

  3. Hope you and your hubby feel better soon. My son has been sick for the past couple of days. He is off to the dr tomorrow if his temp is still 104. I hate seeing my "baby" sick.

  4. i hope you feel better soon! we are about to get into the single digits again for a while!

  5. I have found that Mucinex(sp?) is my new friend. Used to NEVER get colds but had one last year & now another one already. Must be a sign of old age? Abby looks so happy. Feel better my friend.

  6. Sorry you both are sick. Hope you are both feeling better soon. We are down below freezing again here and they say next week for us will be colder. Sounds like you are warming up with temps close to 60.

  7. Sorry to hear that you and Keith are down with colds. No fun at all.
    Hope you both get to feeling better soon

    Drinks lots of water and wash those hands!

    M :).

  8. I've not heard that about mint. I'd think it would draw them in. What about marigolds or something more "noxious"?

  9. Sorry to hear you are entertaining colds at your house! Chores still need to be done, don't they? Get all the rest you can and hopefully the weather will be nicer so going out won't be quite such a chore. You might of ended up in my yard today had you stood outside for long! That wind was something.

  10. I hope you and Keith feel better and better very soon. And we hope it warms up some.
    You have so much to do on your farm--- way too much

  11. Bless your heart, I sympathize. I've caught some type of crud, too. I hope you two are feeling better soon.

    I have heard peppermint oil is a mouse deterrent. It would obviously be a lot stronger than mint plants so I don't know...


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