Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Did Someone Say Hump Day?

To a retiree, all days are Hump Days. 

Sorry, had to say that! 

Very short post tonight, as I spent the afternoon seeing my brother and 
having lunch with a cousin. 

You are probably all so sick of seeing the old henyard.  I did not pay attention to the news last night, 
and I paid for it this morning.  I had to break ice out of all the water fortexes, as it was 
only 15 degrees out this morning. 
I had filled the pool for the ducks yesterday, and did not dump it, either, but I was able to tip it
out just a little bit ago this evening. 

While I was giving the goats their evening hay, clouds were advancing upon us.  We are going to have a couple of days of clouds, and cold, then sun again. 

This, on the left, is a mulberry tree way down in the pasture, near the brush pile.  It has a root down at the bottom that is PERFECT to set the critter cam.  I set it last night, to see who would take Butch. 
I got nothing this morning. 
I was riled.  (mildly). 
I finally figured out the HD card lock was ON.  Duh, Mary Ann. 

So, this guy was watching me calmly the whole time.  It is NOT an owl... it is a very large hawk. 
Split tail... friend Jill, what do you think?  Dark back, light stomach. 

I had the binocs with me for once! 

And this is the sad, tiny amount of eggs I collected from both henhouses today, and includes two green duck eggs. 
What the HECK, girls???

I think we are expecting colder weather for a couple of days, then a warm weekend... yee ha!

And Jill... I say it's a red-shoulder or ferrugineous... too big for a Coopers or any of the little 
hawks. It's a big guy.  Definitely a split tail, though. 


  1. MA, it looks like a red tail hawk to me. At that distance, for it to be still that size, that is a huge bird! It's hard to tell from what I can see, I am going with red tail. Beautiful, whatever it is.

  2. I don't even think about Wednesday being hump day now that I am retired. It would get colder. We have to go north on Friday and it is always colder up there than here anyway. Oh, well. Don't think there's anything wet in the forecast at least. Maybe some of the mud could freeze dry???

  3. I get shivers when looking at cold it is at your farm! Well maybe the chickens are waiting for a rainy day to lay more eggs!
    Do you know why chickens cluck cluck when they lay eggss? We always wonder.. A farm down the road has some chickens and the cluck when they lay eggs.
    Be carefuls!

  4. Mary Ann,

    After looking at your surprise visitor in the tree, he appears to be a red tail hawk. We have all kinds of these birds around here often. Watch out for your birds if he's hanging around.

    The weather is kind of doing the same thing here, it's suppose to be nice this weekend. Planning on going fishing again.

    Sending prayers for your brother and hugs to you and hubby.

  5. Your eggs make a pretty picture with all the different colors and sizes too. Brown eggs are my favorites. There is a slight tinge of red in our sunrise this morning and it'll snow by evening here. Hope you have a great day...

  6. We've had another cold blast hit us and the temps went from t-shirt to thermal underwear again.

    I'll be glad when I can call every day a hump day!

  7. i would be so happy with those eggs. but i guess you are used to getting lots of them! we are about to have our second polar vortex. this time i will leave my pipes dripping! live and learn!


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