Thursday, January 30, 2014

Photo Heavy Post

Yesterday, it was beautiful and sunny.  It was cold, but beautiful.  We did eventually get up to forty, with wind that is blowing in a storm. 

I let the goats into the yard for the first time in weeks... they get into so much... and they were glorying in it. 

Big Mama Delilah was there, don't worry.  She cracks me up when she guards the door. 

She had already gotten into a box of bread sitting in the chair waiting to give the birds. 

Grateful for their romaine lettuce, believe me.  It disappeared in seconds.  Donald was quacking softly as he watched the girls.  Drakes do not have a loud quack. 

I keep a bucket on the kitchen counter, and put leftovers into it for the two flocks. 
Yesterday, I had an egg that I had cracked when bringing it in.  
These hens went for it... gobbling up the yolk and white, and then grabbing the shell and taking off. 

Folly and Fancy, porcelain D'Uccles 

Our yard, today.  You can see the sun is gone.  We have forty degrees... but total cloud cover... and the cold is about to descend on us, bringing rain/sleet/snow over the next few days. 

The starlings are stocking up... there was another group of a hundred or so in the middle of the yard, and yet another group sucking up all the water and feed in the old henyard and henhouse. 

I am on my way to the feed store after posting this... to stock up for the next week.  We won't have a drop into the vortex again, but snow, and cold daily. 

Is this the most incredible photo or WHAT???

Friend Jill gave me permission to use it... it is a tundra swan at Wyandotte County Lake, last weekend.  MY GOSH. 

And a second, showing three swans, Canadians... and gulls.. yes, folks we have gulls in landlocked Kansas. 

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photographs, Jill! 

Let me reiterate this one more time.  Leavenworth County takes the BEST CARE of it's roads. 
We are always plowed by going-to-work-time in the morning on snow days.  Regular maintenance is done, and if I have to call for anything, they are out there same day or following day. 
Thank you, road guys!

And to close today, on a sad note.. our massive maple tree by the porch, which we believe to be 
over a hundred years old... but becoming very brittle... has begun to crack.  We have had high winds off and on the last few weeks... and this is scary.  If that side goes, it is pointing at the house and deck. 
The crack was NOT here last week. 

We are not in extreme drought... yet... but have very dry conditions, and regularly having strong winds.  I picked up lots of branches the last few days... you can see some more on the ground... and I have more to pick up today, with the gusting winds we are having. 

But... right now... I'm running to the feed store to load in feed before the bad weather has descended... and 
to stop and get some cards for some friends... and some romaine for the duckies. 

Everyone stay warm, and my friends in the south... I am so sorry you are having to cope with the terrible weather now, too. 

And especially... friends who have had to put down an old friend at their farm these last few days... my heart goes out to you.  


  1. This is the second attempt to leave a if another shows up you'll know why. I loved seeing the pictures and can just imagine the sound of those ducks of yours quacking over the lettuce. What a joyful song they must sing! The other picture of the swans with the ducks together is beautiful too. Srtange how they don't seem to mind at all the new visitors to their pond.

  2. Oh dear; can you put a heavy tow strap around that trunk to hold it together until the house side can be cut?

  3. Please be careful under that tree! Love all the pics.

  4. Were sad about the old tree- It had more than it can stand- thats for sure. Scary that it might come down towards the house, or on the house!! Oh NO!
    Your probably back now with all the bird food,,,
    Vet beautiful photos and ones from your friend Jill too.
    be safe

  5. Mary Ann,

    Beautiful pictures, all the animals look happy to be out in the sun.
    The picture your friend allowed you to use, is also beautiful. I love white swans!

    Old trees are lovely but if they crack because of the weather be very careful.

  6. Nice to see all the going-ons around your place.
    Sorry about the tree. I hope that it can be saved..... more importantly, I hope it doesn't fall and crush anything!

    Hope you have a safe weekend.

    Smiles :)

  7. Thanks Mary Ann. She was well loved and will be missed for a very long time.


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