Saturday, January 18, 2014


Not SATURday, but WINDSday again... 
it is gusting to 40 miles an hour out there, and the roof has blown off the goat hay feeder for the second time this week.  Having forgotten to mention it to Keith the first time, I'm going to have to ask him to put some hinges on it to hold it this time. 

I checked to make sure no goats were casualties, don't worry. 

It's blowing around trash, too, as you can see... an escapee from the pile that Keith burned earlier this week. 

I spent part of my time running around picking up in the yard. 

Though the goats had heads down, eating their Purina Goat Chow breakfast. 

They are going to be out a good bit today and tomorrow, as we are having much more 
temperate days all of the sudden. 

Lil is ALWAYS eager to get down into the pasture in the mornings... she can hardly wait for me to open the gate for her. 

And off she goes!  

The piece of wood you see is still covering mouse holes... I'm sentimental, after all.... and I keep a fortex in the pasture for the ducks starlings   in hopes the starlings stay out of the henhouse. 
A lost cause today, in the wind. 

As usual, my chief helper was with me, every step of the way. 

I empty all the waters at night except the one in the goat barn, and this one, the short one for the ducks. 
See how it was frozen this morning?  
It was 38 out when I got up!   At least the thermometer SAID 38. 

But you can see the 3 Khaki girls are always so very grateful for that first good water in the morning.... and that's what keeps me going. 

Everyone have a safe and un-windy weekend! 

Still recovering here from the effects of the Cold of the Month. 


  1. we are back to the polar vortex here and are in the single digits with below 0 wind chills and it is getting colder each day. Brrrrr!!!

  2. I love all your animal photos they are beautiful, its strange to read cold and windy as over here its soooooo hot.xx

  3. Glad you are having more temperate weather, though I know the wind does make it feel colder. It was only 10 degrees here when I got up today. Still very cold. Hope you continue to feel better. Those colds do seem to take a long time going.

  4. Thank goodness no one is blowing away iin the photos.... but gosh- it sure looks cold there!

  5. Going to be lovely here today. It's no wonder people have upper respiratory crud with the temperature flying all over the thermometer this winter.


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