Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Glorious Weather

Another beautiful day, amongst those we have been blessed with these last few weeks.  We revel in them, but pray that some rain will come soon. 

Here is Bitty, a blue/black silkie that will soon be moving over to the new henspa.  She is not purebred, but is mostly silkie.

We are finally getting a little Christmas on around here... Keith helped me when he got home from work today, it took two of us to do this right... actually, it took HIM to do it right.
 Of course, I had him facing the setting sun.  That's my 2.00 wreath I got at the food pantry thrift shop.  The star and bow were already on it, but it was all crinkly... the bow smashed and the branches all smushed down.  I perked it up, and added some dollar picks from Hobby Lobby.  Now it's hanging on the deck for all to see. 
Keith has been under the weather for the last week, so I really appreciated his coming out to help me.
This hole, which is just outside the wild bird's feeding area, looks into a gaping area underground.  I meant to show it to Keith.  Though it looks larger here, it's about a little larger than a silver dollar.  You can look down into it!  I am wondering if we are about to have a collapse due to the dry conditions. 
And here's our big boy trying to figure out how to get up the steps this evening.  It's getting harder and harder for him every day.  We help him up in the house regularly, or bring water to him.  He is getting around better once up, on his medications.   I think a simple ramp would help him, but hate to add it to the List that Keith is burdened with. 


  1. Mary Ann,

    The wreath & the silkie are beautiful. You just added another thing on to Justin's to do list by hanging some of my grapevine wreaths on our deck rails. Great idea, although Justin probably won't think so.

    That big boy sure is beautiful. Love how you are helping him get along.

  2. Do you have a piece of plywood that you could put there when he needs to get up or down, and move it to the side when he doesn't need it? It wouldn't be decorative, but better than adding to Keith's list.

  3. Your wreath is beautiful.

    It would be cool if you see in the hole all the way. With water tables dropping there may be some sinkholes.

  4. Oh we would love a wreath like that too. Christmas feelings and spirit have not started in this house yet. I hope it does soon.
    You are already getting in the mood- yea for you and hubby

  5. The wreath is nice!! And the silkie is her coloring!

  6. Nothing more Christmasy than a green wreath and a red bow! Oh, your sweet dog...our Penelope has to have help into the bed now. Be careful of that hole in the ground. We lived in Florida for 3 years during the time when a sink hole swallowed up a couple of blocks in Winter Park. Makes me nervous to think about it.

  7. The wreath looks great! Super price too.

    Hope Keith gets to feeling better soon.

    M :)

  8. Blessings to both of your big boys -- I hope they both start feeling better. xo

  9. Aww, a ramp might help... maybe even just a simple board that's long enough to screw into the porch on an angle? I'm glad the meds are helping with moving around. Yikes to the hole! The wreath is beautiful!

  10. I know what you mean by that list. The hubby had 4 or 5 things to help me with before he could leave to go deer hunting yesterday.


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