Monday, November 5, 2012

A Dreary Kind of Day

The dogs felt it, too....

I had to drive a long way to do an errand, and in heavy traffic.  I lost my way... I really have not driven much in three months... and went far out of the way before I realized it.  I had to drive to the store through heavy traffic and it worried me. 
I stopped to visit a friend who lived in the area, and whom I don't get to see much anymore.
I passed this sign... you see how dreary the day was... if we had been getting real rain it would have been worth it, but it was drizzle.  "Sunnybrook" exists only as a sign and a billboard.  I wonder if it will ever be built, it's a housing area surrounded by strip malls.  Ugh.
I walked into Price Chopper on the way home in order to pick something up for dinner... I had forgotten it would be getting dark earlier, and here is what greeted me in the door!  Beautiful, isn't it? 
But it was ten feet away from THIS... I wish they would let us get Thanksgiving celebrated first... you know... like they did in the Olden Times.
I got home and did fast chores in the darkening... I am worried about Mabel... she is one of the older hens that came in April, and has been staying to herself a LOT lately.  I suspect she will not be with us long.
I'll have some pictures to show you tomorrow of a group of ponies that we are considering... not the whole group, but choosing two from it. 


  1. Well you know that I Love Christmas, but I do like to have Tom Turkey have his day.

    Enjoy your week!

  2. here I am-- coming to visit you.

  3. You have my attention. I love ponies and horses.

  4. One of our two oldest hens is also ailing, and I suspect to find her gone very soon. :-(

  5. Morning....dull and dreary here to, all week.....feel blue.....sure hgope Mabel is o.k........ Blessings Francine.

  6. People laugh at the hubby and I cause we love to go grocery shopping when we visit different places. Would love to go in the Price Chopper.

    Hope Mabel gets to felling better.

    You know you have my attention at the word pony.

  7. Heck, I wish they would get Halloween over before they start putting the Christmas stuff out. I do start getting all warm and fuzzy on the inside thinking about it. We had snow flurries yesterday in Maine. Yep, it is getting that time.
    We let our hens live their lives out on the farm. I have gone in and found them asleep and gone. Hope Mabel feels better.


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