Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday the 16th

Up early again today after a phone call at 6:10 AM asking me to go back to Great Plains SPCA and pick up ten or so of the smaller dogs in their crates taken there yesterday.  I brought back a total of ten dogs and two kitties, and the HHR was packed.  They were so glad to see their mamas and daddies when we began dispersing them as their owners came.  Only one had had a bad night, and everyone was doing well this morning.  All had received Home Again microchips along with their operations, so a real benefit came from this reduced-cost surgery.
We have had some more thought about Ranger and his injury.  It seems he has already started forming scar tissue, so we are now going to play it by ear.  As long as he is not hurting badly, and can get around on his own, then we will take our time making any decision.  We both feel, Keith and I, that the operation suggested would be extremely hard on our old guy.  After seeing what Hannah went through last winter, we are hesitant to put another beloved old dog through anything like the major surgery it would be. 

Here's our Big Guy this afternoon, in the beautiful late afternoon sunlight.  We found out yesterday that the Tramadol causes the heavy panting we see so often.
Yes, the diets have started all the way around.  I noticed that every bit of food was eaten today, too.
I've been letting Lil down into the pasture in the late afternoons now, as soon as I lock the birds up.
She usually follows the fence line, and goes around the north, east, and south sides.  Today she cut across the pasture, and looked up at me.
Look who was keeping an eye on her:
You can see the bars on his back in the sun.  He's a magnificent bird.
As I went to get the mail late, I saw these... will they EVER stop this year?

I had several pieces of good news this week, which I'll share with you tomorrow!



  1. You are so good to help out dogs and cats that aren't yours!!
    Wish I had the time and resources!!

  2. Evening, so happy you help out with the dogs and cats, that is wonderful......Ranger looks like he's enjoying the sunshine, hope he feels better......Blessings Francine.

  3. I am peeking in to see how you are!

  4. Beautiful picture of Ranger. Very good news about the transports and a wonderful thing for you to do! Look forward to all the good news :)

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