Thursday, November 8, 2012

Looking Back to October

I read a wonderful blog post... and of course, forgot to write it down so I could tell you who suggested it... that was a "looking back" through last month at her house. 
I have looked back several times lately, from the beginning of the year... usually I do this at the end of the year, but this has been such an unusual year for us, that I keep looking back to see what we have done here. 
Perhaps it's because I have more time now, since I retired.  I am able to sleep a little later in the morning, and it gives me time to say my prayers, and then review things that have happened or are going to happen around here and in our lives.
I have discovered so many wonderful "shelter" blogs that I enjoy reading... I may not comment on all of them, but I sure enjoy looking at the beautiful homes featured. 
Sometimes I comment as I read, but sometimes I just like to read your wonderful blog entries... there are so few I have not enjoyed in the last few months... so many of you are just "regular folks"... with gorgeous homes and great ideas.
I still enjoy all the farm and animal and garden blogs,  and learn so very much from them!  I like to see pictures of your animals and what you are doing with them.  I love seeing pictures of your gardens, too... and both flowers and vegetables.
Cooking blogs?  Oh my goodness, we are eating so well here now that I am reading them!  Thanks to all of you for taking time to post your great recipes!
So here, tonight, are a few pictures from October of the Gold Days Past... there is color here still, but it is muted now, and preparing for the Quiet Season... winter.... I even look forward to it!
On to the rest of the year!
Still praying for the poor folks of the northeast... I feel so sorry seeing all their suffering, and knowing we are warm and safe here in Kansas.  Please think of them tonight.



  1. Great pictures, and nice thoughts.

    How lucky we are, that "Blogging" came to be.

    So many wonderful folks out there in "blog-land" that are so inspirational :)

    Enjoy this day.

  2. I'm ready for this year to be over.
    Time to move on.


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