Friday, November 9, 2012

A Short Trip

We made a fast trip to Garnett this afternoon to drop a bed off for grandson Chris.  On the way, I tried to shoot a couple of pictures... we saw lots of this....

The soybean harvest is happening now all around us... but who knows what kind of yields they are getting.  To us, not "real" farmers, it's hard to tell.
The Kaw River at Eudora, which I've pictured before.  You can see it is much lower now, than in July when I showed it to you.  Scary low!
Our old gentleman Ranger is having a hard week.  His hind end is going out on him, and he is medicated daily, but I'm wondering if the medication is bothering him.  He spends a lot of time laying and panting, which could be a sign of distress.  I'm watching him closely, and he'll visit Dr. Tom if it keeps up.
We love this eight year old boy... he is such a big part of our family.
(Stylin' in my plaid tennies)
And these two little members of the family are our good farm dogs!  Today, Abby went into the pasture pen, and on into the dog house in it.  I had just put some cracked corn in the pen, and turned around to look for Gertie.  Keith was watching and said "Look" so I turned to see Abby go into the doghouse and then back out, fast... and a little brown hen come out indignantly and scream at her.  We never had seen the rotund little Abs move so fast, and we wish we would have had it on camera.  She was ready to finish her adventure at that point and come back inside, as it got up to 72 degrees today.
We are going back down to the thirties by Sunday and an outside chance of rain, that we so sorely need.  


  1. too bad there wasn't some way of "sharing" weather... between the hurricane and a nor'easter that we had this past weekend... we have had our share of "wet"... predictions for our winter is "wet, lots of snow, cold".... oh well.. that's new england for ya!!!! give that wonderful old dog a hug from me....

  2. Morning Mary Ann, nice pictures,still harvesting.....we are in snow storm alert today, it`s starting........Pray Ranger is o.k, good old boy......Blessings Francine.

  3. Look at Ranger crossing his front paws in that picture. I bet he's a sweet pup. I'm praying that he is around for several more years.

    Enjoy the temps today...gonna get cold tomorrow night!

  4. Love the plaid tennies! Is Ranger on metacam? I've always had very good luck with it, but it does have some side effects sometimes. Hope he's alright and can spend more time with you guys. Too funny about the hen running the little guys off, would have been a great video! Amazing it's that warm, wow!

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  6. I take it the address didn't come through. Guess you can google the subject the same as I can.


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